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Post #2 - July 5, 1940 NYC; Wedding and Honeymoon, March 20, 1941; and Deployment to Camp Lee, VA, May 1, 1941

As far as I can tell, these few pages are the earliest in my collection and begin with my newly-engaged mother taking a trip to New York city to meet some of my father’s friends and family ahead of her March 20 marriage and subsequent honeymoon, again in NYC. I will try to present the letters from now on in chronological order a few at a time, although I still have boxes and boxes of letters that I have not been through yet.

July 5, 1940
New York

Dear Mother:

How are you, dad, bubby & the kids; also Lucky. We had a very nice ride in. It poured in the morning, but Phil’s brother drove us to the station. We made a stop on the road & had breakfast.

The minute we were in New York, Jack, Phil’s boy-friend dragged us in town & we saw a swell show. Phil introduced me to all his relatives and friends here in New York.

Today I wore my green dress & white accessories & we went to Radio City Music Hall & saw “All This & Heaven Too.” Phil bought me a beautiful compact & comb set. It’s really beautiful. I found a dime. We went with Jack to his laboratory where he develops pictures & Jack, Phil & I took one picture & then one of me alone. Jack used flash bulbs. Phil bought me all the cosmetics I needed also. Mrs. Nerenberg is swell as is everybody else. I have a bed all to myself. It’s Mrs. Nerenberg’s. She insisted upon my sleeping in it & I haven’t done a stitch of work. She won’t let me. I’ve been eating much better than usual.

I don’t think I’ll be home until sometime next week. I hope you won’t mind. I don’t know exactly what day. We intend going to the fair tomorrow.

Everything happens so quickly that I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.  I’m writing hurriedly; that’s why my writing is so poor.

New York is simply marvelous. I love it here. I saw the Empire State Bldg. which is the second largest building in the world.

All day yesterday there were fireworks & lights everywhere you went.

I’m glad I took my nicest things to wear. Phil as been showing me a wonderful time. It’s something I’ll never forget. Give my love & regards to all.


P.S. How’s Nick? Write soon.

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