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Post #281 - January 29, 1944 Our Daughter is All of 14 Months Today


January 29, 1944

Dearest Phil,

Our daughter is all of 14 months today—a lady. Yeh man! Yours of Jan. 21 came and I wish you'd make up your mind—in one letter you told me to send letters regular—the next you say to positively send them air-mail. I'm betwixt and between—what shall I do? I'll send them air-mail regardless and that's that. Etta, Nat, Lena, Bob, Em and Phil are picking Mom up and taking her out to Chester. Pauline is having a house-warming. I'm working on Mickey's fascinator at the moment. I received a nice letter from Mickey Brown. He considers himself very lucky being in the Army 15 months and still here. He was recently reassigned and the old outfit went overseas. That's the second time that happened. Adele says “baw” for half and calls Natalie “nanna.” Did I tell you that Betty quit her post office job after one day? The hours were anywhere from 9:30 to 9—whenever you finished up—so she decided it was too much. She's on the lookout for sumpin’ else. It's time for me to love you, as I do at the close of each letter, so here I am adoring you to pieces on paper as well as actually again. 

Your Eve 

January 29, 1944

Dear Phil, 

How are you? I am fine and hope you are the same. I graduated from school yesterday and I again made the meritorious roll with five “E’s” and three “G’s.” From here on I am going to Olney and I just hope I like the school. I was glad to hear that you received the package for the English children, and I'm going to send two more off this week. When you receive them, don't forget to send out more requests. Hoping all is well with you and don't forget to write. 

Loads of love, 

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