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Post #284 - February 1, 1944 Adele Can Turn This Place Up-Side-Down in 2 Minutes and That Was a Perfect Night—in Every Respect


February 1, 1944

Dearest Darling, 

One of Mom’s checks and Glo’s arrived today. The check representing Jack’s allotment was in the amount of $37. In the afternoon, your v-mail of the 24 Jan., made me feel mighty good. Don't worry, honey, I'll be more than thankful for any amount you send, but knowing that you're doing your utmost makes me very happy; Also, the news of demobilization when the European theater is won. 

I'll have to wait til my check and Mom's other one arrives before I can determine the amount of increase. 

Natalie made Adele a red oilcloth dog and she is quite attached to her “wow-wow.” Adele looks precious in her cocoa brown dress (Dot’s gift) pink sweater, white shoes and socks. That brownish color is definitely “her” color and is flattering, especially to her hair. 

The days are getting longer, it gets light earlier and stays light later. The wind was so strong today that for a moment I thought it was March. I wore the “harness” most of the day. In the late afternoon I had to take it off! I feel better in it physically, but not being used to it, I'm unable to bend, etc. 

Adele nods “no and yes.” She saw me squeeze her rubber dollie to make it whistle and promptly followed suit. She pushed the playpen into the dining room. She takes something from me (in the living room) to Mom (in the kitchen) and then back again. When I put her on the toddy and she “goes,” she wears the most surprised look you ever saw. When she wets her diaper and sees I'm sore, she hugs and kisses me or tries to get me interested in something else. At these times I scold her (no more spankings 'cause she's usually obedient) and she looks at me forlornly. She sort of cries like a pup to be put on the toddy or potty, whatever the case may be. She can turn this place up-side-down in 2 minutes flat. The kids (Nat. and friends) next door gave Adele a puzzle with a box, and she busied herself by placing each piece of puzzle into the box. She's still very clumsy and isn't at all steady on her feet. I'm going to buy her shoes this week or next as her present ones are completely shot. The leather on the tips wore off. 

Ruth got me a box of chiclets for you to start off your next package. Anything you want me to add? I can get more candy from Rae if you like. Ruth mailed off the package of chocolate straws, chocolate creams and hankies a few days ago. She will also mail off the other packages (for English children) as the requests arrive. Keep on requesting! The snaps may be ready tomorrow and I’m mighty anxious to see them. I adore you my own sweet Phil. A kiss from Adele smack on the lips, then one from 

Your Eve

February 1, 1944

Evvie Dearest,

The first of a new month (how they fly!) and I was busy all day taking care of the deposits for the boys. I, myself, am forwarding $75 along. I left myself about $19.00 for my pass coming up on the fourth of this month. As you can see, I can't very well afford to gamble anything this month, so don't expect any more than the usual $30 next month. 

There was no mail at all today, and aside from vanilla ice-cream, nothing worthy of note took place. This evening I watched the boys play cards for a while and then started this. I'm rather weary, having put in a full day, which literally flew by. 

Red is feeling much better today and looks and acts more like his old self. He hasn't received any mail for a long time due to his moving around so much. I showed him the latest batch of Adele's pictures and he thought they were very nice. We still talk about that evening last summer when I brought Red home with me. Remember how lovely it was, Sweet? And how peaceful? That was a perfect night—in every respect, and I would dearly love to live it over again. But I guess that holds true for any and every night I ever spent with you, my darling. Love from 


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