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Post #283 - January 31, 1944 I Also Had a Letter from My Brother, Telling Me of Your Plans to Meet and Having Prepared the Bunk with No Less Than Five Blankets…


January 31, 1944

Darling Mine, 

Believe it or not, I actually got into town today and had my corset adjusted. It fits and feels much better and I'm going to try to wear it daily. I feel swell today. Adele slept straight through the night, and although I hit the hay after 11, I awoke feeling rested—first time in many weeks. I cleaned the place and about 10:30 Betty asked me if I could go into town with her and Sarah as Dewees was having a sale. Ruth has off til Friday and took care of Adele. I'm going to work for Miss Hahn on Thurs

Yours of 23 Jan. v-mail was in the mail this morning along with a v-mail from Jack S. He has been assigned as warehousemen and has given up the idea of transferring to the Air Corps. It's an easy job and has responsibilities which I think may earn him stripes. I also had a letter from my brother telling me of your plans to meet. Lots of luck and I hope you make it this time. 

About the sale, I came darn close to buying a winter white ($10 reduced from $15) but Sarah told me to wait til they knocked them down further. Being in no particular need for a dress momentarily, I decided to wait. If they reduce them still further, I'll be able to get two or even maybe three. 

The Reisners and Meadoways paid us a visit few days ago. I meant to tell you, but always forgot. They all asked to be remembered to you. I also ran into Helen Bellis with the baby last week while on my way to Broad St. She looks swell and proudly displayed a wide circlet of diamonds presented to her by Izzy for their anniversary and her having the baby. I couldn't see the babe as he was bundled to the hilt. 

I've almost completed Mickey's fascinator and intend to get wool for several sweaters this week. Betty is going to work for Sears Roebuck 35 hrs. a week (7 hrs. a day—9 to 5) at $0.60 per. 

My grandma is back on her feet and I can hardly wait til she gets out again. 

Sweet, I always have so much to say, but so little time to write as I wish. When I have time to sit and write and write—I can say what is in my mind just the right way. At times such as this, I have to “dash off” a letter and say whatever comes to my head or you wouldn't get a letter. Please bear with me, darling, if my letters are not always up to par as yours usually are, as it is customary for me to get off three or four letters in less than two hours. 

I've got an unbearable urge to make love to you at the moment. Never mind, though, 'cause I'll make up for every moment I felt thusly. Pucker up, sweet, 'cause you're about to be soundly kissed SMACK. I adore you, Phil!! 

Your Eve 

P.S. I have two sets of stationery that Ruth got at the 5 & 10 with U.S. Army printed at the top. Can you use them? 

January 31, 1944

My darling,

Tonight I am C.Q and having prepared the bunk with no less than five blankets, I am all set to write to my heart's content. Your 17 Jan. V-mail arrived this afternoon, and it aggravated me because you had utilized every bit of space within the borders. It made me wonder why you didn't deign to use the regular letter form. I'm sure there is much more you could and would have said if space permitted. Please, Chippie, use the V-mail form only when you have nothing at all to say. You make me feel cheated when you squeeze all your writing in. At that, the last line was only half there, and I had a helluva time deciphering it. That's the line asking me what I want for my birthday. A question like that shouldn't come as an afterthought, to be jammed into the very margin and almost obliterated. Thanks for asking. Sweet, but there is really nothing I need or want over here, (except those few things that I mentioned a while back, namely: hankies, underwear, candy and that picture I keep harping about.) Now that I think of it, I would like an overseas cap with Ordnance braid size 6-7/8. If you are ever in town and in a position to do so, you might buy one for me. However, it must meet all three requisites. The price should be between $1.50–$2.00. I don't suppose it's too early to start talking about birthdays and Wedding Anniversary's, etc., considering that they are all in March, only six or seven weeks away. I don't suppose I'll be able to send you anything that you may want, situated as I am, but I certainly would like to try, so please, Baby, give me some idea as to what you would consider a swell birthday gift, and a fitting anniversary gift. At least if I'm unsuccessful in obtaining the things over here, I can send you the money to buy them “over there.” 

Today was pay-day and tomorrow I'll send off seventy or eighty dollars, I'm not entirely sure yet if I'll be able to spare the higher figure. Today I worked mostly on the files, and at last I'm beginning to make progress. I could have had them in shape long ago, only there are always more immediate concerns popping up and I get very little time to fuss with them. Once I do get them set up, though, my work will be greatly facilitated. Too, in their present condition, they are a constant source of annoyance, chiefly because I have all the other aspects of my work under control. It bothers me that this one problem is left unsolved week after week. But now that I'm spending every spare minute on the task, I feel better about it. 

This evening I had supper with Red. The big lug has caught himself a beaut of a cold and he feels miserable as hell. To top it off, he has to pull guard duty tonight. Poor guy—I feel sorry for him. 

There's no coal or coke or anything here in the Orderly Room with which to make a fire, and it's getting colder by the minute. Naturally, so am I. As a matter of fact, I'm seriously considering dashing over to my hut for a couple more blankets. Right now, I am so uncomfortably chilly, that I find it difficult to gather my thoughts (such as they are.) By the way—how has the heater been percolatin’ this winter? Has it given you any trouble? Is the house always good and warm? Baby, when I think back and remember the ease and warmth and general congeniality of home and family—well it's just impossible to describe the extent of my yearning to return to it all. The guy who said “there's no place like home” must have been a soldier—no one else is in a position to really appreciate the glory of home. Well, darling, it's very near six months since I last saw you and “home,” but I just can't feel that it will be that long before I see you again. For me, the end is always “just around the corner.” That, I suppose, is because I want it to end—so desperately. Call it wishful thinking—if you will, but you can't deny that it's a good way to feel. It's certainly kept my morale high all the while, and I'm still as confident as ever that it'll be “any day now.” And what if I'm wrong and that day is sometime next year, what will I have lost by feeling that way? You said it! Not nearly as much as I will have gained from peace-of-mind. 

Your constant allusions to the way the punkin is “getting around” these days is a new source of unease for me. I guess I'm a worry-wart, but I keep “seeing” her falling down stairs and picking buttons and things off the floor and putting them in her mouth, etc., etc—. You do keep a constant eye on her, don't you, Ev? Sometimes I think it's a good thing I'm not at home these days. Seems to me I'd be afraid to go around the corner for fear of losing sight of her for an instant. Bet I’d be a regular old “fuss-budget.” 

It's very still and very cold here in the Orderly Room now, and I'm beginning to pine for your voice to break the stillness, and for your body to drive the chill from me—and that, my Sweet, will never do. I don't relish the idea of lying awake half the night in this cold—just wanting you—and wanting you—and wanting you— 

So I better sign off right now—with a fond embrace—and a sweet kiss—and those three little words for your own little ear: “I adore you.” Now be a good girl and snuggle-up to 

Your Phil

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