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Post #315 - March 8, 1944 It Feels Good to Really Dress Up Once in a While and A Bill has been Introduced in Both the House and Senate to Award a “Bonus” to Us G.I.’s

March 8, 1944. 

Darling Hubby, 

I didn't think I could get a letter off today as time is short and I didn't want to skip a day. I'm ready to go downtown with Anne as we had planned earlier in the day and I'm taking a few minutes, sweet, to type this. I'm going 'cause I have to get Jack N’s birthday gift and this is a fine opportunity. No mail today and I'm hoping there will be tomorrow. I house cleaned the living room, doing every stitch of woodwork, every nook and cranny, in preparation for Passover. I took Adele out all morning and Anne and I went to Broad Street and 11th St to shop. It's very cold today. 

My mom is tickled about my Dad's new job and she has been told by several people that if my father comes up to qualifications and is a success at it, he can work himself up to $100 per week. Boy it does my heart good to know it! My mother even suggested the possibility of you getting into that concern once the war is over. Think you’d like something like that? I don't know about the job, but the wages sure do appeal to me. 

I'm all dressed up in my fur outfit. It feels good to really dress up once in a while. I wish I could do it at least once a week. Well, sweet, I really must dash if I'm to keep my appointment. I have to work all day tomorrow, but I'll try to get a long letter in somehow. Mind if I add the oft-used, never worn phrase, “I LOVE YOU, DARLING” Just once more? I do, you know, and just for extra measure I'm sending all my kisses. Adele’s too. She sings herself to sleep with this tune, “Ah, ah, da-da.” Shows you how much she thinks of you! Good night, angel, 

Your Eve 
March 8, 1944
Darling Eve,
Just received a gratifying pile of mail. They are your letters of 12-13, 14, 17 Feb. with Jack N's enclosed, your birthday card, and Jack N's of 5-9 Feb. Your letters, Sweet, are both informative and tender, and could I only do so, I would kiss you for each and every loving thought. Jack's letter is the usual mixture of wit, sentimentality, and information written in his usual clever manner. It is six pages of very delightful reading, which is just about three pages more than he usually favors me with. He flatters me unmercifully on my knack for letter writing and applied adjectives to my "furlough” letters out of all keeping to their actual worth. However, I won't say it's unpleasant to know that he holds me in so high esteem. From the tone of his letter, he evidently considers you one of the world's finer women, and takes no pains to hide his affection for you. In that respect, Chippie, he is only "one of the mob.” He makes no bones, either, about his latest "love" (the quotes indicate that I'm still skeptical), but for his sake I hope it's not the customary one-sided affair. "His" Adeline would do well to recognize the worth beneath that rather plain exterior. I mean to answer his letter immediately after I finish this one.
First, I'll deal with the enclosures, the dress ads. I thought both styles very attractive, especially the black and white check. Too bad the quality was inferior, 'cause I certainly would have loved to see you in that particular dress, Chippie, The "Hollywood" print would be a radical change from the type you have been accustomed to wearing, and while it looks mighty attractive in the drawing, I'd want to see it on you before I would commit myself. While we’re on the subject - you never did tell me what you thought of my idea of a hat to go with your new fur coat. Is it because you didn't think much of the idea that you failed to mention it in any of your subsequent letters?
Hal Cohen certainly is a good looking lad, but he better be if he expects to stand a chance with our Adele. Wish I could have been there when the Cohens visited. Bet the kids were more fun than a circus.
Delighted to hear that Dad got himself such a swell position. I can well appreciate how happy you must all be at the break. One thing puzzled me in this connection, though, I can understand that the Pallers will need new furniture, but in the same breath you say "us" need to completely furnish a house! Maybe I'm crazy, but I thought we had just about everything but that elusive coffee table, and perhaps a coupla end-tables and accessories. Maybe you're thinking 'way ahead of me, Ev. Anyhow, I'd appreciate it if you would explain yourself. 
Sorry to learn that you haven't had the opportunity to visit C. P. yet, due to Adele's and your own recent indisposition, but it's enough for me to know that you have it in mind. I know I can depend on you to fulfill your promise in this respect at your earliest opportunity, Sweet. 
Your paragraph about the punkin and the Frommers made a very charming picture. I begin to understand why our daughter is lionized by all the neighbors.
Your precious day-dreams (and you had better keep them such) about joining a USO entertainment unit in order to get "over here are just so much foolishness, of course, but the very thought that you think in that vein thrills me to the core. (Tell me more, Sweet - I love it!) 
If you haven't as yet shopped for that cap and the underwear - forget it, I've managed to procure both since I asked you to get them for me.
All the foregoing just about answers your three letters.
Now I'm trying to think of "news" from this end, and believe me it's no cinch. I think the one big item is the direct reaction of the guys to the news in the “Stars and Stripes" that a bill has been introduced in both the House and Senate to award a "bonus" to us G.I.'s on the basis of $3.00 a day for domestic service, and $4.00 a day for Foreign Service, with a maximum of $4500.00 per man. Well, you can just imagine what effect that bit of news had on us! (or can you?) For the remainder of the day, and even today it is just about the sole topic of conversation and discussion. Everyone had his own particular idea of the ideal way to use that money. As for me, all I can think about is how many Duplex Apartments I can "tie down" with that kind of money. I've heard a hundred different money-making schemes from a hundred different guys, but I'm more than ever "sold" on our original plan - remember, Honey? Moreover, I intend, once this mess is cleaned up, to do my utmost to make our plans materialize, If that bonus doesn't go up in the smoke of political dissension, we stand a good chance to make a break in that direction. I'll be watching developments closely - and hoping. Even if the bill is "killed", I won't give up my planning and working to that end. There are other ways to make a start, and I mean to exploit them all. When I asked the state of our finances in a recent letter, I was thinking along these same lines, What are you thinking these days, darling? 
There isn't any other news worthy of the name for the time being. 
In closing, I return all your avowals of love and adoration in like measure, my Evvie. In that department you are peerless and I hesitate to enlarge on the simple fact that I love you above all things material and imagined, convinced as I am that you have said it in a thousand better ways, Tender my love to all, kiss the punkin for me, and wait with equanimity and patience for the corporeal evidence of the love of your

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