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Post #339 - April 9, 1944 I Had Plenty of Luck—All Bad!


9 April 1944 

My Darling Ev, 

Your V-mail of 27 Mar just arrived. I thought I would get this off early today 'cause I want to take in the movie on the base tonight. The picture is “Heavenly Body” with Hedy Lamarr and Wm. Powell. Hope the projector is in good shape 'cause this promises to be a good one. 

I spent the evening yesterday in the Snack Bar listening to a G.I. play the piano. I liked the way he played boogie-woogie and sat around for over an hour, sipping coffee, eating buttered biscuits, and listening. When he left, I wandered into the lounge and reading room where there was a radio-phonograph. I loafed here another hour, enjoying the records a guy from Bklyn kept putting on. When this palled, I came back to the hut and made up my bunk. Later, I played cards in the Day-Room. I had plenty of luck—all bad! I haven't been able to win at cards for three months now, and I'm seriously considering giving it up as a bad job—but I'll take a little more convincing yet. Luckily, I play very rarely these days. I don't think I've played more than four times in the past three months outside of the few games of pinochle which we play more for amusement than anything else. When we play poker, the only thing that amuses us is to win. 

I finally managed to write that letter to Mr Silver. I spent part of this morning and part of this afternoon on it. I'll try to get Mom’s off tomorrow. Slowly but surely I'm beginning to catch up on my correspondence again. 

I feel just as badly as you do, Chippie, that my mail is so irregular reaching you, but there isn't a darn thing we can do about it, so don't let it get you down. (I'm talking?!) 

Hope Mom got that allotment business straightened out O.K. 

That was certainly a handsome present Eddie sent you as an anniversary gift. Glad you didn't find it necessary to spend it. 

I gather from the few lines you wrote about Hal Chase that he is appearing on the stage. What I can't make out, is whether Goldie and Harry and Gloria saw him in New York or Philly. What “gang” went to see him? If it was in Philly, why didn't you go? I guess some of the letters I am missing will clear that up. Just goes to show how confusing it is to receive letters in anything but consecutive order!

There isn't much more to write about, Sweet. Today is Easter Sunday, but you wouldn't know it from any other day around here. Everyone is working just as usual. Tomorrow I start on the pay-roll, but it's fairly simple this month and I don't expect it will take me very long to knock it out. 

Well, darling, I’ve thought and thought of something else to say, but all I'm registering is blanks, so I'll sign off with the startling information that I love you very dearly—surprised? Give the punkin an extra special kiss for me as a reward for sleeping uninterruptedly all through the night of the 27th of March. A kiss for you, too, my Sweet. My love to all.


Your Phil 

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