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Post #351 - April 25, 1944 We Get a “Free” Day Now Once a Week and A Letter from Frances Benis


25 April 1944

My Darling,

V-mail today. Not that I don't have a choice—it's just that a combination of circumstances makes me reluctant to attempt a full-scale letter. You see, I just finished letters to Dot and Gloria, and this, in addition to the fact that there was no letter from you today, made the task of writing a regular letter an unwelcome chore. I trust you understand and condone my action, Chippie. 

I'm afraid I went back on my promise not to write any more “teasing,” or as you would have it—“devilish” letters. I managed to write a nice dignified two-pager to Dot, but I couldn't resist the temptation to tease Gloria. I think that that she is sufficiently acute to take it in the spirit in which it was meant. 

Today was a very busy one for me. I was occupied with one thing or another practically every minute. I'm rather tired this evening as a result. Too tired, even, to think of walking down to the Snack Bar. I think I'll hit the hay as soon as I finish this. Think, too, I'll try to take “off” tomorrow. We get a “free” day now once a week. 

My radio is giving forth right now with “How Sweet You Are,” which happens to be my favorite at the moment. Whoever wrote those lyrics must have felt pretty much about some sweet somebody the way I feel about you, my lovely. Someday I'll take a little “time out” to put “that” feeling into words and music. I think you'd like that, eh, Sweet? My best love to Miss Adele (I never thought I would miss her as much as I do.) Love to all from 


April 25, 1944

Dear Evelyn: 

It's been a long time since I've written you, but I get so nervous at times I just can't write. I hope your big daughter is in best of health and the news you get from Phil is good news. 

Our family sure is having their share—do you remember my brother Harry—the blonde curly haired one—he arrived in Italy 1st of February—we have one letter dated Feb. 14th, and he's been missing since Feb. 18th—we haven't given up hope, we just feel he is alive and maybe a prisoner, and my brother, Joe, (the baby) hasn't been heard from for eight weeks‚ so Evelyn, if I haven't written, I am sure I need not say more. 

What's new with you and yours? Don't forget I'm holding you to your promise to come with your daughter for a visit to us. Cy has to be in Wash. D.C. on business sometime in May and he may stop over in Phila.—if so, he'll give you a call. 

Do write me and tell me the news. Perhaps, and I hope so, my next letter will be a happier one. 

With best wishes, 


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