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Post #381 - June 2, 1944 I Worked for Mr. Bellet from 12 to 6 and Like the Work Immensely


June 2, 1944 

Phil, dearest, 

15 days without mail! You'll have to be content with v-mail, honey ’cause I just can't find enough to write to fill an air-mail letter. 

Today I was busy as a bee. First of all, I got up at 6 A.M. Then I cleaned our room, the living and dining rooms, washed a few pieces, dropped Adele at my mother's where she took her nap and spent the afternoon. I worked for Mr. Bellet from 12 to 6 and like the work immensely. I really knocked out a day's work and he was well pleased with my work. He is most willing to have me arrange my hours so that I might work for him steadily. He would like to have me from 12 to 6 each day and 9 to 1 Sat. (if I desired Sat. work once in a while) for the next week and then he says we’ll try to see how much work I can get out in a set time, at which time I can change my hours again if I choose to do so. I enjoyed the automobile ride home with him and my father. I'm sure you'll remember the place, honey. We stopped in there once to ask about a crib when we went looking for Adele's crib with Harry. He's located 11 N. 2nd St. and the place is five stories high. 

I intend to work from 9 to 1 tomorrow, just to get on to the work, and I feel I know the job already. It's interesting work and the time passes quickly. 

I had dinner at my mother's house, jumped double-dutch with Adele (we joined the kids in the driveway who were jumping rope) and she didn't want to stop. I just can't keep up with our darling daughter. I’ve finished bathing her and she is fast asleep. I even cleaned up the bathroom and polished her shoes. 

It's very hot again today (it was comfortably cool at the office) and I can't stop perspiring. Betty's mother is in seventh heaven today, not to mention the rest of the family. Her son, who has served two years overseas and is in N. Africa at present, wrote that he is coming home. When oh when will you be coming home, sweetness? 

Goldie’s brother was honorably discharged from the Navy yesterday. He's a frail kid and evidently couldn't take the training. They called him $150 when he was discharged. Not bad for three weeks in the Navy! We don't know the details as yet, but will tell you about it just as soon as we hear. My brother Seymour. is having a big sendoff at the Benjamin Franklin by the members of his place, who are very fond of him. 

Can't think of another earthly thing to say in the way of news, baby, so won’t you please forgive me if I seem to cut this short. The old, yet new, “I love you so much darling Phil” will have to be my closing phrase again this evening. I’m keepin’ our date at 8 dear, and if you only knew what I was doing to you. - - -

Your Eve 

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