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Post #404 - June 30, 1944 The Toll of Life Taken by the New German Rocket Gets Higher and Higher


June 30, 1944

Dearest Phil,

Your letter of the 24th June with your latest "visitation" and your check for $20 were in today's mail. I thought your latest bit of literacy very unusual (for you) and I, too, believe that you should definitely enlarge on your excellent talent for writing. You may not know it, baby, but I have great visions of your being a great writer some day, cause you really know how to do it. However, we'll save that for a time when we can really do something about it.

I visited Betty tonight and, honey, the new place is absolutely lovely. It's much smaller than our house, but more modern. They stuccoed the porch a rose color and it's very attractive. (the owners did).

I bought Adele a new toy. It cost me $1.75 and it is a flat piece of about inch thick wood that has three wheels on either side, in a sort of wagon-like effect. Above the wood are ten pegs, four on either side above the wheels and two in the center. On the pegs are large, painted blocks with the letters of the alphabet in varied colors. As the wagon is pulled along the floor, the wheels make the blocks twirl. This item keeps Adele occupied, though not for long. Now Adele has enough in the line of toys and I shall proceed to clothe her again as I am fresh out of clothes once more. With the extremely hot weather here, I find myself short on the proper clothes with which to dress her. And I want very much to buy Adele a bicycle and a doll carriage for her lovely new doll. Both these items are very dear to her and I intend to get them in the near future. I hope, too, that I'll be able to get a stroller carriage for Adele herself. All these items run into large sums of money, dear, and naturally I want to do it little by little.

Thanks again, sweet, for the money, and I shall hold it on hand until I have an opportunity to go shopping. Perhaps, as I said recently, I shall use that money if I decide to visit a doctor for Adele's feet. At any rate, the money comes in very, very handy and I can't thank you enough for it.

I have just heard a flash by Gabriel Heater. That the toll of life taken by the new German rocket gets higher and higher and that there is no use denying that it is a serious matter. Phil, no matter how reassured I may feel that invariably causes me to think deeply. Oh, darling, how can I help but feel as I do! I love you so very much and want very much to see you again!

I must run now as I have to make Diana's formula, since I won't be here in the morning. This will be my last Sat. for some time (for good as far as I’m concerned). Phil, Adele's curls are so pretty I can't help commenting on them at this time. Each little wisp of hair curls itself up. Sarah always says, "I have to pay $12 twice a year to get my hair to look like that." How true, how true! I'm with you daily at 5, dearest darling, and I'd like nothing better than to really be with you.


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