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Post #431 - August 5, 1944 Warrants for the Arrest of the Four Leaders of PTC Have Been Issued and A Letter from Brother Jack Strongin


Aug. 5, 1944 

Darling One,

Today was a real scorcher and I don't mean maybe! It was so hot that I put Adele into a pool of water and let, her stay there all day. The kids across the way have a canvas and metal pool that they place in the drive, and it can accommodate grownups too. l simply wet my feet and legs with the hose. Both Adele and l got a pretty bad sunburns and we both should be nice and tan within a few days

Fay came home this morning, having gotten a ride from S.C. in. She had it so wonderful - but I mean swell! They were able to live comfortably on $80 per month, had every convenience of home and even a nursery where they cared for servicemen's children two nights a week in order that mas and pas could get out. He expects to be shipped to POE any day. I stopped over with Adele three times today.

Goldie's stepmother sent the nighties and set we ordered for Glos birthday and also my set. It’s stunning and I won’t describe it. l’d rather show ya, honey.

I just put Adele to bed, washed and set my hair and showered and it is 10:30. I’m kinda tired, but I just couldn't pass up writing on this our year of separation. How different it is from that night one year ago when we saw “Mission from Moscow” and I couldn’t be of much help to you sexually! I just wish you were here now—I'd show you!! Yeh man! 

Harry and Goldie bought a new white bedroom set (crib and chest) for Diana at Wanamaker’s that is due to arrive in 5 days. The set cost $41.50 and the mattress $10.95.

By the way, I like the satin negligee set so well, that I am going to order another. As I told you, the set retails for $10.95 and we get the whole works for $4.

I bought a $50 bond yesterday and when your July bond arrives our total of bonds will be exactly $725. I got paid yesterday, so I have that on hand til my next pay.

The PTC strike gets worse and worse—need I add how disgusted l am with it? Fay tells me the people from the South are tickled, as they think Northerners cater to the negroes too much. Phil, on the whole, I think we’re in for some mighty big trouble. Soldiers will be stationed all over and many of them are camping at Fairmount Park and League Island. Warrants for the arrest of the four leaders of PTC have been issued.

Gee, I hate to run along, but l really must. Phil, my darling, I love you, I adore you and I want you very, very much.

Your Eve

Aug. 5, 1944 

Dear Phil,

Received a letter from you just a few days ago and up until now couldn’t find time to answer you. We over here, read and hear a great deal about those flying bombs that are whizzing around over there. Gosh, what the hell are those dirty huns going to think of next? The Japs, as yet, haven’t been so inventive, but you can never tell what they will pull out of their hats. News of Limey is in a way, good news for I doubted that he'd come back at all. Please, don't misunderstand me, Phil. I don’t mean to imply that Limey getting wounded is good news. It's just that I realize what a highly dangerous job he had and expected the worse. I'm glad to hear that he is o.k. now and hope the wound will not affect him later on in life. I just received his address today and shall write him immediately upon closing this scribe. Yes, I did meet Hesh Greenberg and just last week he spent the weekend with me, He told me that Mickey Gordin is now in the army and also that Joe Epstein was right in there on D-day. Thanks for the congratulations on my promotion, Phil. I’m a "tec 5” and not a buck. No, I didn't know that your outfit took part in the landing. Did you meet any of your old buddies? Say, Phil I meant to ask you in a previous letter: Is Red still with you? If he is, tell me how he's doing these days and give him my regards. I just received a letter from Ev today and she had enclosed two snapshots of Adele Bara and believe me, the little dumpling is really a beautiful specimen of babyhood. Honestly, Phil, she's, as Gloria would say, out of this world! Ev sent me the same picture that you had sent me, so I shall return one to you for I know you want that particular picture and anyway, I might lose it. I’m afraid, my dear brother, that you will not have the pleasure of providing the first male of the new generation, for I had made up my mind to do the providing on that score. Phil, please tell me whats buzzin’ with our New York cousins. I have been negligent in writing to them. Honestly, I just can’t sit myself down and write to everybody who I want to. You ought to know how it is. You say your days are pretty well full, well its the same with me. Yes, it certainly looks like this darn ol’ war is on the verge of coming to an end and believe me, Phil, it'll never be too soon for me and a few million G.I. Joes.

I believe that by the time Germany falls, the Japs will be pretty well out of the picture and I hope that it will only be necessary for a small portion of you guys over there to come over this side to help us put on the finishing touches. Thanks very much for the dehydrated Bulletin, Phil. I enjoyed reading it and would appreciate more of them, should you get more of them. Things are pretty much the same with me. I am rather anxious to go on furlough, but it looks like there are many G.I.'s before me. Well, Phil, I have others to write to so l say good good night and Good Luck.

As Ever,
Your Kid Brudder

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