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Post #435 - August 11, 1944 It’s Plainly Evident that He’s Been Through Hell and I Distinctly Remember that Mom Herself Had No Idea When Her Birthday Is


Aug. 11, 1944

My sweet,

I didn't write last night, simply 'cause I was in a rather depressed mood and thought it better to skip that day. Besides I hadn't had mail from you for some three days, but this morning I received your very long typewritten letter of Aug. 6, and enjoyed it immensely.

Before I start, I want to talk about the enclosed snaps which Petey gave me last night. The two of Adele in sunsuit and brown shoes were made first, those in her yellow ruffled pinafore a few days later, and those two with Petey and Michael (the little boy down the corner) last week. The last two illustrate what went on here on that "scorching” day I spoke of last week. In the background of those two is the swim pool I told you about and in one picture you can see a little boy and his sister. Those two kids are Joel and Debby, of whom Adele is very fond. She rides Debby's bicycle frequently and plays with her dolls and doll carriage. I hope the fact that Petey is holding her won't work any hardship on the green-eyed monster, if'n you know what I mean. I'm not particularly fond of any of the snaps, excepting the one where she is ensconced in the beach chair and the one where she is standing in the driveway holding her pinafore with both hands, while she smiles her very cute smile. I think you will note that her legs appear straighter in these. She has a lot of weight in her legs. Which reminds me, honey, I did make an appointment with Dr. Lefkoe for Aug. 18th to have her feet and legs examined. He charges $5 per visit, which isn't too bad, 'cause I was informed he charged $10. I called the Red Cross first, but they weren't of any help at all.

I hope you feel better, now that I've made this step. I do. At least we'll know something definite, one way or the other. I'll visit the dentist when it is cooler. I think every 6 months sufficient. 

I'm glad you had an opportunity to relax, sweet, and incidentally, you did not enclose the program you mentioned. I thought the "Errol Flynn" joke "cute" too.

I'm sorry if I give you the impression that I do not have faith in you where it concerns my becoming pregnant again. I just want you to keep reassuring me, especially once we're together. Thanks so much, baby, for the reassurance - I can't tell you how much I appreciate your understanding in this matter. I trust you in everything - it's just me.

I wish very much that you could "See" Adele take her own food - I can't tell you how much!

I shall send off the pyrex bottles as you suggest, if it will make you happy.

We also had mail from Ed as of July 25, but we haven't had any since. I can't help worrying about the kid, much as I try not to. It keeps creeping into my head and I find myself thinking about him more than is good for me. After all, France is no picnic ground and after hearing some of the stories Betty's brother has to tell - well - Phil, it is plainly evident that he's been through hell. He came home today on a three day pass. He's a good-looking fellow, on the small side. He's still in a daze, can't believe that he's home and that the worse is over. He said that one of the fellows died on the train on the way home from a heart attack, which developed from too much excitement about returning home. He wasn't sick at all. Imagine!

You mention at the end of your letter that you are putting on weight, to which I can say - No. No. A Thousand Times No. Phil, I don't mind anything you do, but I dislike intensely when you write that you are gaining weight. I prefer you on the thinner side and always did, if’n you don't mind. Besides, if you're stout when you get home and then lose a lot of weight you'll be sans clothes. Try to keep your weight down, won't you please, sweet?

Don't worry, honey, I don't make issues of anything, much less Mom's coming home at Harry's request. I have on a very few occasions, much to my dislike, but they weren't that serious. Some day we'll talk about everything - some day when we can do something about it.

Thanks so much for sitting up so late to type the letter, my dearest, for I know what it is for you to miss your sleep.

It is very warm again today and consequently I'm rather tired. I'm going to Miss Hahn's tomorrow morning to help her out of her present dilemma. I don't intend to be there more than four hours. She also has a bit of work for me to do at home.

Yesterday morning and this morning I managed to wash all the floors and get most of the housework finished, so that I could give her this Sat. We can't get another girl, so we're making the best of the situation. I've even managed to knit a little on that white sweater I started for Adele in the Spring. I have the back finished and I'm up to the armholes on the front. I think I'm going to make a sailor collar on the sweater and trim it up with dark blue wool. I wrote to Ed yesterday.

I brought Diana Jean a nice rattle that we have at our place today.

Mom, as I told you, is going to Cookie's wedding tomorrow night. I'm going to set her hair as soon as I'm finished typing this, so that she'll look pretty.

Mickey Wyman is going to Maine (and not Canada) for her vacation. I know, 'cause she called and asked to borrow my suitcase. Naturally, I'm lending it to her.

I hope that you're right and the ouija board wrong, for I don't think I could curb my impatience way into ’45. I love you so much, my angel, and right now I'm very sleepily

Your Eve

11 Aug/44


Last night I went into town on the Officers' Liberty Run. Oxborrow, one of our gang, was driving and asked me to go along and keep him company. I had seen the picture playing at the "Thunderbolt" and was in the mood for a movie, so I decided to go along. We saw "The Way Ahead", a British-made film starring David Niven, which was as good, or better than some of our better American productions. It was over two hours long, yet it did not "drag” at any time. It was a very human, very exciting and inspiring story of a group of Englishmen conscripted into the British Army, their training, adventures, travels, and eventual destiny. It was a most enthralling film, and I urge you to see it if ever you get the opportunity, Chippie, That, incidentally is why I didn't write last night again. I'm hoping, Sweet, that you hold no brief with me for it. I am still pretty busy in the Orderly Room, but Sgt. Danner has helped considerably, and everything is under control. You might be interested to hear that the Company has, to date, subscribed 73% of its war bond quota. I'm ashamed to say though, that that figure is the lowest of any on the station. I expect we will fill our quota O.K. next pay day, but I don't think we'll attain anywhere near the figure some of the other units are rolling up. The leading outfit is an M.P. company with a total of 235%, and that's going some! Hope that money order I asked for gets here in time to boost our own average a little! You must know by now, Sweet, that one of your oft-expressed wishes has come true. Jack N. is in love - and how! I received his letter advising me of the fact yesterday. It is a thing of lyrical beauty. He really exceeds himself in his descriptions of his emotions and feelings. If he isn't in love he certainly gives a damned good imitation of it! I haven't answered him yet because I was busy all day on the pay-roll, but I will at the very first opportunity. Your V-mail of the 27th July arrived by the same post. It answered some of the questions I had put in previous letters, and advised me that Eddie had seen action and had come through O.K. Thank God for that! I'm still waiting to hear from him. If nothing comes thru within the next couple of days, I'll try to find the time to write to him again. Can't understand why I don't hear from Harry W. either. Today brought me two more of your precious letters, precious, but they were pretty old ones. They are dated 14 and 16 July. I can't understand it, because I received one dated 30 July day before yesterday. So - I know what's happening back home, all right, but I don't know which events follow who - or what! They are both "newsy” letters, and I enjoyed reading them, especially that part about Petey taking Adele's picture in her yellow pinafore that you seem to think so much of. Your revelation that "yesterday” (July 15) was Mom's birthday was a great surprise to me because I distinctly remember that Mom herself had no idea when her birthday is. At least, I could never worm it out of her. However, if that's her story, I'll abide by it and conduct myself accordingly in future. It certainly was good of Betty to give you those window shades. Tell her thanks for me, too. By the way, darling, thanks for letting me know Gloria's birthday, too. I think I'll have time to drop her a few lines of congratulation, and I intend to. She has been most considerate and kind to me, and I'd hate to have her think I forgot her birthday.

Baby, the weather these past few days has been absolutely beautiful, and don't let anybody tell you that England is a land of rain and fog. It isn't. No more so than Philly, anyhow, and we have still to be inconvenienced by the heat. The only difference that I can see between the two climates, outside of that, is that the weather changes more abruptly and more frequently over here. In the winter, it doesn't get quite as cold either, although I'll admit that it is a damp and disagreeable cold. But enough for the vagaries of the English weather.

After a full day working on the pay-roll, I took in the first show at the theatre with Klein. The picture was an oldie that I thought I had seen, but hadn't. It was "Lovely to Look At", with Sonja Henie, Tyrone Power, Joan Davis and lesser lights. Sonja's skating, if you remember, Sweet, has always been my idea of wonderful entertainment. After seeing this, I can only say that I stil(l) (who's a copy-cat?) - feel that way. Ty Power is just a little too "pretty-boyish" to suit my stomach, but gives a capable performance nevertheless, Joan Davis is very good in a few novelty numbers. After the show, we stopped at the Snack Bar for sandwiches and cokes and cakes. Then I hied myself to the Orderly Room where I commenced this. And now I am just about ready to go to bed, so I'll leave you for the nonce, my dearest darling, with a fond "hasta manana", a bit of the old cheerio, and a good old American-style hug and kiss, The same for my precious punkin. My love to all. Just call me

Your lover,

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