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Post #437 - August 15, 16, 1944 The News of the “Second Invasion” Came Over the Radio Today and Ace was Killed in the Normandy Battle


15 August 1944


After three mail-less days, your letters of 1, 2, 3 August arrived this afternoon. They proved a very welcome climax to a most satisfying day. My work is keeping me increasingly busy, the weather remains ideal, and the news from the war fronts gets more encouraging hourly. In that connection, I want to tell you about a surprisingly good guess I made. Lt. Toms and I were discussing the fighting on the various fronts. I hazarded the opinion that a landing on the French Riviera seemed a logical move. Sure enough, the news of the "Second Invasion" came over the radio today. Moreover, the landings were just where I thought they would be. So you see, Chippie, I'm not wrong all the time. I can't think of another single thing to tell you about myself, so I'll get on with the business of answering your letters,

Forgot to say that your letter of 31 July was enclosed with yours of the 1 August. That's the one the punkin tore the top off. You tell about Ruth coming home from the shore and bringing a big doll for Adele. It seems every time I get ready to send the punkin a doll through our Px, someone has beat me to it. Ordinarily, I wouldn't let this deter me, but the one I could send just wouldn't stand comparison with the big, beautiful dolls she already has, and I hate to think that my doll would be overlooked on that account. However, if you think she could appreciate the fact that it was her daddy's gift, I'll be delighted to send her one. There are three types to choose from. Two are the "pretty" types, and the third a rag doll, which I myself would choose to send her. Tell me what to do, Sweet, as I'm rather at a loss in the matter.

Hope you have a nice, restful time of it on your vacation, Sweet, and I'm wishing I could go along with you and Adele. Guess you'll be making preparations when you receive this. I know it's a selfish viewpoint, but I rather wish that you would spend the week at home rather than at the shore. You see, darling, I had rather counted on being around to give my daughter her first taste of the ocean. I've dreamed a little day-dream about it and naturally hate to be deprived of the privilege. But as I say, it's a purely selfish thought, and I wouldn't want it to influence you, If you do decide to go, I would like you to try to look up Jeanette. You'll probably find them in the phone book listed as Mr. Herman Asin. Their son must be quite a big boy by now and should be a fitting play-mate for the punkin. If you do contact them, give them my best.

Glad that Mom finally received my letter, but I don't remember saying anything that should have moved her to tears. Tell her she'll hear from me when I reply to her next letter, so if she wants a letter she'd better write.

Your letter of the 1st reminds me that it was just a year that since that " sunny Sunday morn I met you at the Logan station with Adele. I remember the circumstances, alright, but your memory for dates continues to astound me. Then you go on to talk about the PTC strike, and the difficulties you are encountering because of it. I've already given you my reaction to the regrettable news, so I won't enlarge on it here. Suffice it to say that it burns me up (but plenty!).

According to the funny-papers, the news that you require a "complete new wardrobe" should make me mad. Guess I'm a freak, 'cause I'm just tickled with the prospect of shopping with you for oodles and oodles of dresses and all the accompanying accoutrements, I'm counting on you, Baby, to save the bulk of your buying until that time.

Your information to the effect that Adele calls everyone by his first name makes me wonder if she knows her dad's name, "Da-dee Phil" on her lips would sound mighty sweet to me,

Your closing paragraph about "starting our lives anew. etc. is so intriguing. makes me wonder if she knows her dad's name, "Da-dee Phil" on her lips would sound mighty sweet to me,

Your closing paragraph about "starting our lives anew, etc.," is so intriguing, that I get all "goose-pimply just reflecting on the picture you draw. If you have an idea that you'll be shy all over again because you've become accustomed to "girls" (as you so quaintly put it, imagine how I'll react having had "boys" as my constant companions these many months. However, I don't really anticipate any real embarrassment for either of us on that score. It may interest you to know that I've definitely made up my mind to come home late at night in order to avoid any chance of embarrassing ourselves and everyone else by a sudden withdrawal to the bed-room. If you're surprised that I think along these lines, Sweet, allow me to inform you that it is just thoughts as these that keep me going. I think I'd trade my chances of heaven to have this particular dream come true. So, if one fine day you receive a letter from me requesting a key to 4906, you'll know the reason therefor. Said request will be a tip-off to you that my home-coming is imminent. God, make it soon!

In your letter of the 3rd, you remembered to tell me that you were wearing your "green-print dress” and ask if I remember it. Darling, I do better than that - I remember how you "felt" in it! I remember it because the feel of you under the silk of that particular dress was so tantalizingly delicious. It brings to mind, too, the pictures that Jack made of you in that lovely outfit. I remember that your big white straw hat set it all off beautifully. I remember all over again how much I loved my "Chippie" then, and how utterly I adore her now. God bless you, darling. My love to the lassie - and all.

Always, Your Phil

Aug. 16, 1944

Dearest Phil,

Just a few minutes left to get in a few words to make up a letter. I didn't write yesterday, as I was over-exhausted by late evening and hit the hay early. It was impossible to sleep. I'll bet our room reached a temperature of 97 or so.

I received your July bond on Monday and another v-mail from Milt Brown, a more gruesome one. Today I received your letter of Aug. 9. Whaddaya mean you wish I limited my speech to only seven words! Wouldn't you rather hear me than be in England? Or would you?

I have some good news and some bad. Ace was killed in the Normandy battle. Harry was out to West Philly yesterday, so that's how we know.

The good news is that Anne Nerenberg is pregnant again, being in her second month. We had a letter from Glo this morning and she hopes to be in Philly soon. Mom, Goldie and I got her several things for her birthday, which is Aug. 26th. (I think I told you about it in a previous letter).

I brought a new toy home for Adele. It's called Wobbly Duck and consists of an inclined piece of card board and a little duck that wobbles down the board. Cost 50¢.

I gave Snuffy $3 in cash, cause I couldn't think of what to buy him.

Back home, so l'm finishing this outside. I'm sending v-mails to Milt & Syd this evening and I think it's time you wrote to them too.

Syd’s address:
1060th Sig. Co. Ser.
323rd Ser. Center
APO 520, C/O P.M.
New York, NY

Milt’s address is on the v-mail I enclosed in yesterday’s (Mon.) letter.

We’re having continual temperatures of 95 and over and it's really terrific, honey. My legs have been aching terribly (perhaps it's cause I'm “due” again this weekend) and the heat does have a lot to do with it. I noticed that Goldie feels better in cooler weather, so l think the heat is mostly responsible for her ill feelings. She's okay and so is little Diana, who is getting cuter day by day. She does not have a tendency toward chubbiness as Adele did. 

I, too, hope the necessity of letters between us will cease shortly. It's time - after almost 2-1/2 yrs.—don't you think?

To say I love you at this moment is a gross understatement. Why baby, I’m just crazy about you! Wasn’t I always?

Your Eve

P.S. Adele, bless her little heart, is as smart as a whip—I just wish you could see her perform—I think see her would be sufficient! Mom went out to Pauline’s today as she is having a sendoff party for the newlyweds. Cookie is going back to Missouri with Mort.

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