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Post #462 - September 21, 1944 Each Day is an Eternity for Me


Sept. 21, 1944

Dearest Phil,

I have reason to be very happy this evening. There was quite a bit or mail for yours truly, your two letters of Sept. 12 & 13 for which I hereby give you a big hug and kiss, a nice letter from Snuff, who tells me that he dropped you a few lines, a New Year's card from Fay and a letter to the family from our Jack with two pictures enclosed. Jack looks wonderful and writes an optimistic letter.

You ask about Betty's brother Abe. He was injured several times, (not seriously) and had a touch of arthritis and a similar breakdown as Eddie is having now. He's okay now, but you can see that he is still "far away". The family pay no attention to him and he does as he pleases when he pleases. He was in the hospital and a convalescing home for months before he was shipped back to the States.

Thanks for cautioning me about becoming impatient, but it is very difficult for me to feel otherwise under the circumstances. "Under the circumstances” will have to be left to your judgment, but each day is an eternity for me and I can hardly wait for the day when you will return. Phil, if only you knew how grateful I am that I am away from the house all day long - But I'd rather not talk about it now and I can wait, especially when I have to. It will make our reunion that much sweeter and closer and I like that.

I have an opportunity to go to Virginia with Ruth and the mother of a boy who is stationed with Seymour, so that we can all see the boys. This fellow and Seymour are very chummy, and being that his mother is driving down, she thought she would ask some of my brother's family along. My mom would care for Adele, thereby enabling me to make the trip, but I'm not very anxious to go. I'll let you know if I decide in the affirmative, but in the meantime I'll just drop the whole thing.

I had a very busy day again today, but I didn't mind it as much as yesterday. Mr. Bellet certainly did a whopping business these past two days. Harry is having trouble getting into the union and he got wind of the fact that his boss was intending to can him. He and Goldie have been discussing what he should do all evening and he may throw up the job. I don't care what happens - I'll just tell you, the outcome or the facts, as I always try to do.

The bench collapsed and I think it can be repaired if given a little attention. Mom is rather attached to that bench and hated to see it go. My dad and I dragged it around the block and put it in the cellar until such time as he can fix it or we can obtain a carpenter.

Diana is coming along nicely and is getting lighter of complexion and hair, though she is still much darker than our Adele. Adele, bless her little heart, is a regular little girl these days, although she did something very naughty today. She smacked Mrs. Cooperstein right across the face when Mrs. C. bent to kiss her, and what's more, she told me about it when I came home. She even showed me what she did and I gave her a good bawling out.

Not much room, but I always manage to leave a little space to send along some of the love and adoration that is yours, my sweet, and which is waiting patiently?? for your return. A hug and kiss from

Your Eve

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