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Post #463 - September 22, 1944 I Think Milt is in on the Invasion of Hawaii


Sept. 22, 1944

My sweet,

No mail today, but I didn't really expect any, having received two Wednesday. It struck me, upon rereading yesterday's letters from you that once again we were both thinking the same things at the same time. For instance: I had just mailed off the package containing some goodies for you and here you ask me to please send along some candy for you. And then you made mention of my weight, which I had discussed a few days ago. I think I've gained back most of the lost weight, for I have been managing to get a bit more sleep and my appetite is much, much better than it's been for a long time.

My dad took the radio over to another place last night and tonight I called to inquire about the cost of repair. This place will fix the radio for $6.50, which is two dollars less than Jack's friend wanted, so I told him to go ahead with the repairs.

This morning I asked Adele whom she had smacked in the face the day previous and she said, "Toopersteen". Can you beat that! She knows everything, but I do mean everything. I asked her what she did all day while I was working and she replied, "playing". I asked Adele if daddy can sleep with me and her answer, dear, is a very definite "no!" When asked if daddy can sleep with her and mommy she says "yes". I forgot to tell you that all but kicked Shirley out of the bedroom. See what you're up against! She's taking good care of me for you. I can't even sleep with a girl! She's Phil's daughter alright. Either she sleeps with me or no one does.

I made several calls last night. First I called Sylvia (Milt's girlfriend), who tells me that Milt wrote her that he was almost killed, that he is half of his former self (having lost so much weight) and that he is turning grey. I think he is in on the invasion of Hawaii, as he said he would not be able to write for a while and we should have a pretty good idea of why not. Then I called Mike, to wish them a Happy New Year and to learn that the moving pictures didn't come out. I was kind of disappointed, for they would have been beautiful, even though Adele and I didn't look well.

Mom, by the way, can't get anything for the old radio, for it is too old and no dealer wants to buy it. Mom went to the movies with Mrs. Frommer yesterday afternoon to see "Hitler's Gang" and liked it immensely.

Tomorrow I'm going to Miss Hahn's after finishing with Mr. Bellet, as she particularly wanted to have me this weekend. I don't do it often, so I'm making an exception this weekend, due to the fact that I have Wed. off. Gloria is coming late tomorrow afternoon and will be here Sunday night. None of us have given her her birthday gifts which we saved for this weekend and I’m also going to give her $5 in cash as an anniversary gift, having given the same to H. & G. on their anniversary and want to keep things even. Guess it's just about time to sign off with my familiar "I love you, Phil, my darling,” I’m still keeping our date, and so am all ways

Your Eve

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