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Post #473 - October 4, 1944 Mr. First Needed Me to Do a Bit of Typing


Oct. 4, 1944

Dearest Phil,

I’m keeping my promise and will single space, though it is rather late and I don't think I have that much to say. I just finished putting Adele to sleep and it is almost ten o'clock. I kept my appointment with the eye doctor and this is his conclusion - my left eye is rather poor, my right - fairly good. I have astigmatism, (my left eye is not properly developed) and I only need glasses for reading, typing, movies or the such. The whole deal will cost me exactly $13.00. I selected my glasses and they are not rimless or octagon shaped as I think you like. He advised me to get the bone rims, as they hold up better than anything else. They are plain pink toned bone rim classes with a nice shape. I selected them mostly because they fitted me best over the bridge of my nose. I never could stand having anything rest against the bridge of my nose, but he told me I will get used to it in due time. He also warned that I may have headaches from the glasses at first. I have another appointment on Friday, when he will give me another examination, as today. He is giving me this other examination, as he doesn't want to give me drops, for he doesn't think I need them. The second examination is merely a check on the first one. I should have my glasses by next weekend. I finally "dood it". I think Mom Is going to go along with me and have her eyes examined, too.

So much for the eyes. I called Dot just before starting this and she is leaving tomorrow. She will stay with Snuff indefinitely. Her trip is costing her $66 and she is taking $150 with her. Another correspondent. I told her to hurry up back, cause I'd like to have a few telephone correspondents.

By the way, Dr. Freed knows Uncle Sam for many years. I forgot to Inquire just how, but it could be that Unc had his classes made there.

I had to Interrupt this just long enough to answer the door. When I got there I found Mrs. First, who asked me to come right over to her house for a few minutes, as Mr. First needed me to do a bit of typing. It turned out that Mr. First had sold a house and wanted me to type up the agreement, lease and another necessary paper. It took me just a few minutes to type the whole works and he gave me $1 for my work. I also acted as a witness to the sale. Not bad, eh?

I just happened to think, I'm telling you what I did this evening and I may be short of words tomorrow. Oh well, tomorrow is another day and I’ll probably think of something else to say. The news continues good and everyone hopes it will be over in ’44. I hope so, though I am a bit doubtful about it.

My appetite has improved vastly and the pills seem to be a help in giving me added energy. My appetite always improves about this time of year anyway, so I should be gaining a little weight. I see I'm just about out of space, so, honey, I'll just say I love you dearly and call it a letter.

Your Eve

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