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Post #474 - October 5, 1944 Today Marks Our 14th Month of Separation


October 5, 1944

My dearest,

Today marks our 14th month of separation. I'm sure the longest period of walting is over and I can only wonder at how long it will be before I do see you. God, but 14 months is a long time!

Mr. Bellet informed me today that he expects a shipment of strollers within the next two weeks, so, at long last, I think I am about to get Adele a much needed carriage. I understand the price will be $19.50, but I won't give him the entire amount at one time. Instead I’ll give him a deposit and pay it off weekly, as I did with the table and chair set. I finished paying for the table and chair set last week.

I am still waiting for the gas man to turn on the heat, but they have such a long waiting list that no doubt it will be several more days. In the meantime I'm not bathing Adele, as it is much too damp and I don't want to run any risks of her catching cold. The weather continues cloudy and damp.

Mr. Bellet has asked me to try to get in a little earlier during the next two months, as we are very busy all day long. Our Christmas season is now in full force and the orders are tremendous, even with the lack of various types of merchandise. I brought home a nice water bottle for the refrigerator. I managed to get in at 11:15 today, but it is kind of hard for me to get in much earlier and the job really requires more time at the Christmas season. As I told him, "I'll come in whenever I can. After all I do make more money when I come in early, so there is really no need for you to urge me." He readily agreed. I think I'm going to hit him for a small raise if I continue to work there a few more months..

Harry is still kicking around. None of the jobs offered will pay him the salary he would like to have and I have a funny idea he’s toying with the idea of returning to Poughkeepsie with Goldie where everything will be just as he wants it. Goldie’s girlfriend, when she was here, told me that Harry asked her it he would like living in Poughkeepsie, and besides, his father-in-law could afford to give him a lot. I'm not worried if he does decide on such a course of action, for I feel I could manage alone, if it is positively necessary. I may be wrong, but nevertheless it is food for thought. Who knows what may happen. As long as we have a half-decent income I'm sure we'll get along. It all adds up to what I've always said, "Hooray for me, the hell with you". It's only a natural tendency on the part of most everyone.

All I can think of anymore is “when, when when will I see you????” Most or the news commentators figure it will be over in Europe before the year is out and I sure do hope they are right. Are you still keeping our five P.M. date (11 for you)? Darling, if you lay very quietly I'm sure you'll hear me saying, I love you Phil darlIng.

Your Eve

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