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Post #490 - October 23, 1944 A Boy Scout Outfit Collects Newspaper for the Government


Oct. 23, 1944

Dearest Phil,

There was no mail this morning and I was disappointed, to put it mildly. Since I am typing this at the office, I have no idea of whether or not there was mail in the afternoon. I hope so!

I think I forgot to tell you that we rented our garage. It will not house a car, however, but be used as a store room for newspaper. A boy scout outfit collects newspaper for the government and makes quite a bit, so they can afford to rent a place to store the paper until the government truck picks up their stock. Naturally, they must accumulate quite a bit before the government will send a truck to pick it up. Anyway $5 is $5, and it will come In mighty handy at the present time.

I described Adele's new snowsuit in yesterday's v-mail and called the color jungle green. No, it isn't jungle green - it's a deep blue green shade and I think it very flattering to Adele's pink complexion.

I did have some mail this morning - a nice v-mail from Milt Brown, who continues to write regularly whenever the opportunity presents itself. There was nothing unusual to report that I could pass on to you. As long as he is well; that is the main thing.

I just happened to think - I haven't received your Sept. bond as yet. That is mailed to me from Washington and I can't see any reason why that should be held up. What in heaven's name is keeping back the mail???????????????????? Yep, I'm that anxious!!

The enclosed picture (ain't she sumpin’!) was part of a blotter and I thought she looked so good that I'd send her along to keep you company.

Adele slept soundly through last night and didn't awake til seven. I've been catching her often, so that she does not wet the crib as much as before. I usually pick her up out of her sleep before I retire and place her on the toddy. She rarely fails to "go".

It's just a minute to six and we're getting ready to close. Guess I'll finish this at home. See you later, sweet.

Home once more to learn that there was no mail this afternoon. Gosh, Phil, I know Phil, but Jesus Phil!

Adele went to bed like a good little girl this evening and I went down to the drugstore to get a few necessities. I'm going to knit a little while and then hit the hay. Night, honey, I love you so very much!

Your Eve

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