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Post #499 - November 1, 1944 I Have But One Winter Dress and Someday, All Our Empty Todays Will Be Just So Many Memories


Nov. 1, 1944

Dearest Phil,

There was no mail yesterday, nor did I write. I had several reasons for not writing, as you shall presently learn.

After work yesterday my dad and I rode up to Marshall St. with George. George had to go to the dentist and since it would take him at least an hour before he could take us home, we decided to go the rest of the way by trolley,

My dad had to pick up some meat and things he had ordered and I decided to look into some dress stores, to see if there was anything worth while. Most of the stores were closed, but as we were passing one place, a little suit caught my eye and I determined to have it. It was the sort of thing I wanted and I figured it would be kind of high.

I saw someone in the store and asked if I couldn't please see the suit in the window. It turned out that it was the last one they had in my size and he agreed to let me try it on. The price, $14.95 wasn't too bad. The suit itself is 100% wool of a very heavy material, on the slightly roughish side (the quality I mean) and it is composed of grey and white checks, red grosgrain ribbon trim and huge silver buttons. The skirt is very plain tailored with a slight flair and two pockets on either sides of the skirt, at the waist. The jacket is a lumberjacket style with long puffed sleeves, red trim that looks like pockets and silver buttons. The outfit can double for either dress or suit, as I choose. At first I thought the sleeves could be longer, but they are comfortable and just about right. It's only the beginning - I need dresses very, very badly. In fact I have but one winter dress - my blue wool with dubbonet velvet trim (I've discarded all the others). I also have my black velvet suit, my sports suit and a black silk skirt, That, sweet, is my entire wardrobe and I don't have to tell you how many things I need to have a half decent wardrobe. Thank God I've got coats and some shoes. Now I need a nice pair of black high heels to accompany the new suit.

I also forgot to mention that Dot called me yesterday to inform me she was back. She got in yesterday. morning and wants me to come out, so she can tell me all about her trip. I've promised her I'll be out on Sat. night.

When I got home Fay called and asked me to go along with her to a Gin Rummy game. I was about to renig, being very tired and then I said to hell with it - I'll go along, She came over to our house and then we went to another girl's house on 4800 N. Ninth. Altogether we were five girls and we were headed for D and the Blvd. We took a cab, each one contributing 15¢. When we arrived we were six a
ltogether - all Army wives, four with children and two pregnant. How's that for a gathering? However, I had the oldish child and hadn't seen my hubby for the longest time. I never played Gin Rummy as it really should be played, but I picked up the game in no time. In the end I lost 20¢. I had a very nice evening, but got to bed about one o’clock,

I've had a terrible time getting to sleep this entire week. Last night I don't recall closing my eyes for even a second. Consequently I'm dead tired this evening. I can never recall losing sleep as I did this past week and I hope that this so-called phase or whatever it is will pass off tonight. I'm very tired when I get to bed, but I can't sleep. Sounds funny, doesn't it? I do know that I “want" you, but I can't say that it's that bad that it is causing loss of sleep for an entire night. It's bad enough, and when I think that I'm a woman (women are supposed to be more self sufficient sexually) I have a pretty good idea of how strong your desire must be. Phil, darling, I'm afraid it's a long way off - and that hurts so much I just want to cry.

I was terribly disappointed at the lack of mail, since Fay had mentioned that mail from her brother (his APO was changed from 637 to 559 also) has been coming through more regularly than ever before. Phil, I haven't the slightest idea of why your mail should be so slow in coming through and it's that more than anything that is annoying me to death. Today is Friday and I haven't had mail since Monday. If I don't get some mail tomorrow I'm going to be in the dumps again. I can't stand these long drawn out sessions of waiting and I have an idea that it is responsible for my loss of sleep. Please, Phil, try to write daily, if only a small letter and keep the mail coming through regularly.

Harry opens the place tomorrow. Etta was due to have her baby on the 1st, but nothing doing yet. - Ought to be some news most any day or even hour.

I'm so tired, honey, that I feel I shall drop. I'm sure you'll understand why I hereby, at this very minute, say I love you, sweet, and a fond good night.

Your Eve

Nov. 1, 1944

Dearest Phil,

I thought I’d try “writing” instead of typing this evening. Jessie is busy typing a letter to her hubby & I thought I’d take advantage of the opportunity to write - for a change.

There was no mail this morning except S & D's check. I'm sending along two more pin up girls that I thought very attractive. We have many of them about on our blotters and I thought you’d enjoy looking at them.

I got into work earlier today, so that I could finish some of the work that had piled up.

l'm strangely at a loss for words, and am trying to dream up something to say. Suppose I talk about Adele - when we come downstairs in the morning she refuses to allow me to help her down the steps. She says “Mommy, yeave me ayone - I’m tomin’” - (that’s exactly how she speaks). Adele likes to tell me stories about the Baby bear, Momma bear & Poppa bear & delights when I tell her a “tory” (story). Adele is a few inches taller than Ricky, who is 11 days older. Yes, she is rather tall for her age.

My check came in the afternoon mail, and as usual, I intend to buy a $50 bond, with the remains of the check. When I receive your Oct. bond and buy the aforementioned bond, we'll have a total of $1100 in bonds - and - mister that ain't hay!

I'm enclosing a circular that the United Gas Co. printed for Harry, as an announcement.

And that just about winds up the news for today. It's costing Harry $512.00 to get started and if the station does not pay he'll get every cent of it back,

Good night, baby, I love you so very much - - - 
(you should be flattered - this is my second letter to you today) -

Your Eve

1 November 1944

My Darling,

Had to skip writing last night because something came up that kept me busy far into the evening, and when I was through I was too tired to attempt it. It was a very full day for me, and the time fairly flew. Today was another busy one for me. I am CQ tonight, and just because I'm in a letter-writing mood and have plenty of time to get off a "longie* - there wasn't any mail for me today or yesterday. As a consequence, I have very little to write about. My semi-monthly 48-hour pass comes up tomorrow, and I was kinda wondering what to do about it. There are three alternatives and I have yet to make up my mind which one to choose, First, I could go to London, have a Turkish Bath, see all the shows, etc. This would cost me about ₤3 ($12.00). Or, I could spend the time in Colchester visiting with the Dees, Marks, or Woolfs, or all three. I could get by on about 
10/ ($2.00) in that case. Or - I could take a ride to Worcester to see Eddie. That would also set me back about ten or twelve dollars. Damn this typewriter! You may wonder why I'm so concerned about money at this time. Well, Chippie, as I told you the other day - I'm completely “busted", so whatever I spend this trip will go under the debit column, and I don't want to go too far into the hole. Of course, it goes without saying that I'd like most of all to go out and see Eddie. The thing that makes me hesitate, though, is that haven't heard from him for so long that I'm not sure that he is still there and I’d hate to make the trip for nothing. However, I'll think it over. Maybe I'll take a chance. I'm really up-a-tree, Sweet about what to do, but I'll make up my mind by tomorrow afternoon - when I leave. What I'd like to do is to take my furlough, visit Eddie for a few days and try to reach Limey to spend a few days with him. But that would require some real capital, so it is out of the question. Even so, if they'd only write and keep me posted as to their whereabouts, so that I could be sure they'd be there when I arrived, I’d do it if I had to borrow my next two months' pay, As it is, I have very little appetite to go scurrying ’way across England - not knowing if they will be at the end of my journey. Oh, well - we'll see!

The enclosed pictures were taken in August on the occasion of our “beer bust" commemorating the anniversary of our arrival in England. I only managed to get my puss into two of the pictures (and I don't look any too good in either), but thought I'd send along the lot - anyway: Just to save you the trouble of looking too hard, I X’ed the back of the two snaps in which I appear. If you could get hold of some film, as I asked you to months ago, I'd try to get some really good snaps for you, Chippie.

There is really very little else I can write about, Sweet. I might say that it is getting colder, that we have rain practically every day and that we're burning wood of an evening in the tiny Nissen huts stoves in order to take some of the chill and dampness out of the place.

Just think, honey - here it is November already! It strikes me as queer that the time seems to go so quickly in spite the fact that I'm so impatient to see the end of the war and my return home to my loved ones, Guess you better count me out as a guest at the punkin's birthday party, Sweet. I'm almost convinced that I won't be able to make it. I don't think there's much hope that I’ll see you at all this year. But I refuse to believe that 1945 will be very old by the time my fondest dream comes true. - Maybe in time for our 4th anniversary, eh, Sweet? I haven't forgotten our resolve to return to "1777" That's another dream I'm living in hopes of seeing fulfilled before another year is out. Gee Baby, there are so many things t want to do soon after our reunion, that I'll hardly know where to begin! But I think "1777" would be the appropriate “beginning” - don’t you?

'Bye now, my darling. Try your best to be patient. Some day, all our empty todays will be just so many memories. The day when “us” again becomes an actuality, and all the days that are to follow, will be the only ones that count. Keep punchin’, sweetheart, I love you more than ever. Love to Adele - and all from

Your adoring Phil

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