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Post #506 - November 11, 1944 After Work I Went Straight to the Jewish Hospital to Visit Etta and Mickey and Over Here It is “Remembrance Day”. All the Boys are Wearing Red Poppies


Nov. 11, 1944

Dearest Phil,

At this very moment I am waiting for Nat to pick up Mom, Goldie and myself to take us to the party to be held at Lena's in honor of Vicki Paula Blank. I had a very full day today and I feel like going to the party just like I feel like having a hole in my head. I must compliment myself on my appearance, sweet, for I look, at the moment, just as you would want me to. My hair came out so perfect I am amazed. I have it up on both sides in a very soft pompadour and I have a large pile of fluff on my forehand (which is held in place by a net - only the fluff is in the net) and I have a large soft roll in the back, running up the sides to meet the pompadour, I have a large red flower in my hair and I'm wearing a pair of earrings I borrowed from Mom - silver rings that remind me of a native's earrings. I'm wearing my gray and white checked lumberjack dress that has the large silver buttons to compliment the earrings. I am wearing my new brown high heels, but I should be wearing black accessories to set it off right. I'll have to get some black accessories. The red trimming on the jacket compliments the red flower in my hair and it is a very attractive outfit. So much for yours very lovingly.

I went to work as usual this morning. After work I went straight to the Jewish hospital to visit Etta and Mickey. I got Etta a roly poly toy for Vicki and I bought Mickey a box of Helena Rubinstein dusting powder. Mickey was to check out of the hospital shortly after I arrived, so I got there just in time. Mickey, incidentally, had to go through the same test I went through for my kidneys while I was pregnant. Remember that day at the hospital, when I called you and told you I had fainted? Mickey didn't faint, but she, kept throwing up. The tests showed that she is perfectly okay, except for a slight inflammation near the bladder that will be cared for with medicine.

There was quite a gang to see Etta and I couldn't stay long. Etta looks well and the baby is a cutie. The baby is the image of Nat and I think it will be a "Blank" baby. The baby has small brown hairs on the top of her head, a small nose and a round face. Etta is nursing and expects to do so for a short while.

Nat's brother drove me home and I then had some lunch. My mother and Ruth agreed to keep Adele there until I finished what I had to do at home, I washed, cleaned, etc., had a bite of dinner and brought Adele home to bathe her and get her to bed. The little dear woke up this morning and said to me, “Daddy dear, come home, Mommy wants you daddy dear" (all in one breath) and she meant it too. I wish you could hear some of the things she rattles off during a day. Such things as, "Mommy, dress Adele" or "Mommy, go get washed" or "the choo-choo train is on Broad St.” and so on.

No more room, so will continue tomorrow.
It's getting late and I hope Nat gets here soon. I adore you, my darling, and I wish very much that I could take you along with

Your Eve

11 November 144

Dearest Evvie,

Over here it is “Remembrance Day.” All the boys are wearing red poppies, which they acquired from the two English ladies who were distributing them in the mess-hall at dinner time. So you see, Chippie, the customs of the Americans and the British are pretty similar.

Today was clear, bright, and cold, but not nearly as windy as yesterday. I managed to take another chunk out of the pile of work I had on hand, in spite of the fact that Sgt. Overman is remodeling the Orderly Room, and things were in a bit of a mess as a consequence. Tomorrow, I hope to clear enough of it so that I can take off on pass on the 13th, Tonight I am going to try to call Eddie on the phone. If he is still at the hospital, I will visit him. I'm going to try, too, to reach Harry W. on the phone. Wish me luck, Chippie. If I am lucky enough to contact both of them, I will take a furlough and visit them. 

Your letters of 30 Oct. and 1 Nov. arrived this afternoon complete with Jack N’s letter and Jack S.’s. V-mail and those scrumptious pin-ups, and, oh yes, that announcement for Harry's new filling station. Wish him luck for me, will you honey?

Glad to note in yours of 30 Oct. that you received three of my letters all at once. That's more like it! Thanks for Jack N's new address. You know by now that I have written to him. I am currently awaiting a reply. Brother Jack's V-mail contained one item that aroused my curiosity. What was that rumor about Harry W. that he mentions?

Your paragraph about the punkin's independence about being helped downstairs is very sweet, darling. I'll have some more of the same, if you don't mind.

That second letter you say you wrote on 1 Nov. (and I am flattered!) hasn’t arrived yet.

Sorry if I seem to cut this short, sweetheart, but if I'm going to make those calls tonight, I'd better be moving along to the Aero Club, where the public phones are located.

See you tomorrow, honey. À loving kiss for you. Pass one on to Adele for me, will you? My love to all.

Your Phil

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