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Post #509 - November 14, 1944 It’s a Real Pity that Sy had to Ship Out Before Ed Got Here


Nov. 14, 1944

My dearest,

This morning, bright and early, came the good news: Eddie is back in the States and at the present time is at Charleston, South Carolina. The telegram came from him. I suppose we'll get to see him in the very near future. I’m very excited about the whole thing, cause I feel reasonably sure that he will be discharged. If only I knew you'd be stationed in the States if you did get a furlough - then I'd get excited. Otherwise, I just can't feel anything about your getting a furlough. Of course I want to see you more than anything in this great wide world, but I'd rather wait til I'm sure you'd be mine again. However, I'm not one to dictate to you in that respect and you'd do what you want to anyhow, but I'm just giving you my opinion. If'n I'm not mistaken, I spoke about a furlough in an earlier letter and expressed my opinions at that time.

It's a real pity that Sy had to ship out before Ed got here. Sy's whereabouts must remain a dead secret and I'm reluctant to even say he shipped out. If it isn't one thing, it's another to worry you.

My mother was so excited when she called me that I could scarcely get the gist of what she was saying. When I did, I got all goose pimply. If Eddie is okay, perhaps I'll have a small party for his younger friends.

You mentioned in your letter that I received yesterday that a fellow by the name of Gene Forman looked you up. If I'm not mistaken that particular fellow is the brother-in-law of Sam Soskin and I went out on a date with him a long time ago. Another member of that crowd for that particular evening was Rita Wolpe, whose father made Adele's pictures. If he is the right fellow, you might mention me to him, just to see if he has any recollection of me.

You know, Phil, those vitamin pills I've been taking are really wonderful. To begin with, I don't feel "fatigued" as I did before. I feel that I have more spunk and energy and vigor. I must weigh myself, for I feel sure I've gained some weight. My appetite would surprise you, cause I'm always hungry, no matter how much I eat.

Philadelphia is going to town on her subway and el stations and each and every one has acquired a new coat of paint, that is most attractive, All I can say is, "It's about time!"

I got to bed fairly late, in spite of myself and tonight come what may, I'm going to get a good night's sleep. At least I got up early and kept Adele from wetting her crib. But it's time to say I LOVE you, sweet.

Your Eve

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