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Post #511 - November 16, 1944 I Made Up My Mind Once and for All to Make the Chocolate Chip Cookies I Once Promised to Make for You


Dearest Phil,

Last night, on my way home from work, I made up my mind, once and for all (and since Uncle Sam fixed the oven door) to make the chocolate chip cookies I once promised to make you. The chocolate chips had been in the refrigerator for months and I was anxious to get them made. So - o - o I got right to work as soon as Adele was asleep.

Well, baby, you can expect a tin can of the most delicious chocolate chip cookies you ever did taste and I made them all by my widdle self. It's as easy as falling off a log; or easier. I didn't get to bed till after 11 and that's pretty good, considering. I shall make up the package this evening and send them right off. I sure do hope they reach you in good condition and I shall pack them very carefully. I had about 125 cookies in all, which was more than the recipe called for. The recipe called for 100.

There hasn't been any mail since Monday and I guess there is no need to tell you my feelings in this matter. Every single one I know has had mail of November dating, except me. I'm just hoping you are writing regularly - Do you realize, sweet, that today is the 16th and my last letter from you was dated Oct. 26th? That's more than three weeks, and to my way of thinking that isn't good at all. Let's hope tomorrow's mail will be stacked high for me. Don't let me kid you - I'll be satisfied with one little letter, even though I should like to have a stack.

Phil, I just wish you could hear your daughter rattle bff "Little Bo-Peep" - the whole saying! Of course you'd have to understand her enunciation in some instances, but on the whole, I'm sure you'd understand what she was saying. She can also rattle off "Jack and Jill, went up the hill,” etc.

Clara Wagman called while I was making the cookies last night to inform me that she had received your letter. I thought I had told you that she was Mollie's sister-in-law. In fact, I'm sure I told you something of their relationship. I've asked Clara up for dinner and she promised to be up during the last week of November. I'm almost out of vitamin pills and she's supposed to bring me the bottle of 500.

Adele was very restless again last night and I had little sleep. Strangely, I don't feel nearly as tired now as I did before I used to take the vitamins. By the way, remember those new shoes I bought for Adele? She wore them only one week and they needed new heels. Now they have to be taken into the shoemaker's again for new heels.

We haven't had any further word from Eddie, but I'm fairly sure we'll have some mail within the next few days. I see I've just about hit the bottom, so I'll close now, sweet, with all my love and a great big kiss.

Your Eve

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