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Post #521 - November 30, December 1, 1944 Surely My Mom Doesn’t Deserve Such Treatment, After All She’s Done for Our Benefit and We Really Had a Feast


Nov. 30, 1944

Dearest Phil,

There were two things more I meant to say in yesterday's letter: If you will recall it rained all day the day Adele was born. Her birthday, yesterday, was the exact same sort of a day - It poured all day long. I also forgot to mention that my mother and daddy have also gifted Adele with $10.

Most important of all, however, is the fact that Adele awoke this morning without a single trace of the fever that had gripped her so suddenly yesterday. However, she was kept on a strict liquid diet, just so nothing further would result. I went into work as usual and had a rather tough day. Statements, for my part, are only a big pain in the rear. I'm always immensely relieved when the first is over.

Adele slept soundly last night and I, too, had a good night's rest. I took her temperature first thing in the morning and it was normal. Boy, was I glad she was normal!

Ethel had a letter from Harry W. today dated Nov. 22nd, telling of your visit. The last letter I had from you was dated Nov. 11 - So that's the mails for you, I'm most anxious to have mail from you now, to learn the details. For that matter, so is Ethel. She says you never can learn anything when Harry writes a letter and she wants me to let her read your letter concerning your visit, so that she may know all the details.

Clara Wagman called me this evening to thank me for the birthday card I sent her. It was really a lovely card "for a dear friend" and she couldn’t get over the sentiments. I asked her why she doesn't come up and collect the money I owe her for the bottle of 500 Combevitas and she said she wasn't worried, that the money was good whenever she chose to call for it. She also said that she would drop you a few lines.

I had to interrupt this letter long enough to help my mother hang some clothes that she is washing for us. It is after 11 and I'm pretty well exhausted and ready for bed. The clothes are presenting a problem, what with Goldie washing every day and the inability to hang them outside. Goldie had to take all her clothes down and put them on the radiators to dry, so we could hang the towels, sheets, etc. Phil - - - I guess she's just as disgusted as I am at times,

Rae has to work this Sunday, though she wanted very much to be present when Adele saw the birthday cake, which is Rae's gift. So, she's coming here direct from work and won't get here until 10 in the evening. I’m trying to get a group of girls together for the evening. More tomorrow, sweetheart. You know, sweetness, I adore you more with the passing days -

Your Eve

Dec. 1, 1944

Phil, dearest,

There is just ten minutes before closing time, and since I'm completely finished with all my work, I thought I'd take advantage of the break by starting my letter to you. I'm anxious to know if there was any mail for me, but I'll know soon enough.

Last night Harry and Goldie must have had a domestic battle, for I overheard the following. Whether Harry meant it or not remains to be seen "I'm disgusted hearing you (Goldie) complain. Tomorrow I'm going to start looking for a place and we're gettin' the hell out of here". Goldie, “Keep quiet". That, sweet, ought to give you a pretty good idea of how they feel, too.

Some people have their guts and I don't mean maybe! When you consider that I'm never home, except for early morning and late evening and Sundays and that Goldie has more or less free run of the house and that she does not do half of what I did, then you have a pretty good idea of how disgusted I am with the whole setup. I'm sure, however, that Goldie realizes that she couldn't find a better setup for herself anywhere, and is only keeping quiet until the time when she can get into housekeeping without any difficulties, such as presents themselves today.

Phil, in case you haven't given it a second thought, it would be a most excellent idea for me to give up the house. First - we would be free of any ties whatever once you return and could do whatever you wish in the way of traveling, business, etc. Second - we would not have any expenses, and those that we would have would be small. When we were established, we could then set up housekeeping without any real hardships. If I held on to the house I'm sure Harry and Goldie would beat it first chance they got and I don't feel that we'll be able to upkeep the house on our own at first, alone.

I can't do anything definite at the present time, for two reasons: My mother and dad are tied up in court with this estate business and they would need an opportunity to paint, paper and have the house redone. My mother is most anxious to have the house redone so that it will be in good condition when Eddie returns.

Phil, I just can't see my mother working as hard as is her custom and I'm sure if I were with her, things would be much easier for her all around,

Last night, for instance, it was simply freezing cold and she had to wash the clothes and drag each basket back and forth. This "back and forth" business nearly killed me when I had to carry Adele's things back and forth, and I can't see the sense to continuing this way, Surely my Mom doesn't deserve such treatment, after all she's done for our benefit.

So, baby, I'm hoping very much that you'll see things my way. Once my mind is at rest and the decision is made, I'll explain the entire matter to Mom, H & G and ask them to take Mom with them until she can come back with us (providing she wants to later on - naturally the decision is hers) unless they decide to leave me first. Whatever the case, I'm sure no real action could be taken until about March.

There was no mail for me, though I doubted that I would get any. When you are traveling about, that usually means no mail for me.

Phil, I'd like very much to have a coat and legging set made for Adele. Dot had Harold's set made up and it came out very nicely. I would like to have solid gray leggings and a gray and white checked coat and hat. However, and since you have not had the opportunity to shop for anything Adele has worn, I'm giving you this opportunity to offer suggestions for her new outfit. I must warn you that I may not be able to fulfill them, that I may have to accept the materials offered by the tailor. In any event, give out, baby, for this is the chance for you to select Adele's outfit.

And, so, baby, I come to the end of another letter. Good night, darling, you know sumpin' - right - I love you that much!

Your Eve

December 144

Dearest Darling,

First, I must apologize for not writing last night. I was busy all day. In the evening, I thought I'd take in the first show and write afterwards, but when I got back to the hut after the show, I was hungry, so I called Red in and we proceeded to make a meal off the many good things in the package that I had received from S & D. By the time we finished, it was time for lights out and my letter went unwritten. However, t hope to make up for it tonight. The picture last night was a class "B" sort of thing, but very entertaining. It was titled "You can'l Ration Love". The stars were Betty Rhodes (very beautiful, in a girlish way, if’n you know what I mean), and Johnnie Johnston, a newcomer whose crooning is on a par with the best. Both have very pleasing personalities, and between them made the picture worth-while. In case you're wondering, sweet, S & D's package contained the following: tin of anchovies, box of cheese,  tin of Treat (like Spam), tin of deviled ham, tin of potted meat, fruit cake, fudge, 2 jars of orange marmalade, cookies, hors d’oeuvres crackers. Everything was delicious, and we really had a feast, my hut-mates, Red, and myself. Incidentally, did I tell you that I received Etta's and Nat's package of food a few days ago? Well, we did away with most of that the same day I got it. This package contained pretty much the same things as the other, and were equally appreciated. There was a large Rum Brandy Fruit Cake that I am saving for Xmas Eve. I have Etta's and Nat's address and will write as soon as I get the chance. Tonight, I went to the movies again. This time the picture was "Our Hearts were Young and Gay,” from the book of the some name. It is a very amusing film, and I enjoyed some of the preposterous situations that Emily Kimbrough and Cornelia Otis Skinner got themselves into. Their roles are played by Diana Lynn and Gail Russell, and a swell job they did, too,

I've received quite a few of your letters these past few days, Sweet, but as it is pretty late in the evening, and the fellows are in bed and waiting for me to put the lights out, I don't think I ought to undertake answering them tonight. I will do so tomorrow, O.K.?

In the meantime, honey, know that I love and want you more as the time goes by. It is just 10:45, and by the time I get to bed it will be 11 o'clock - and I don't have to tell you of whom I shall be thinking at that time, or what intriguing memories I shall be conjuring up. - I adore you, Baby! My dearest love and a great big kiss for my other baby, our own Adele Bara. Love to all from

Your Phil

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