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Post #548 - January 11, 1945 I Made Up My Mind to Visit Miriam and See the New Baby and The Little Minx {Adele) has a Head on Her Shoulders


Jan. 11, 1945

My Darling,

No mail whatever, though I had been expecting a belated jackpot after waiting all this time except a lone card from Gloria giving me her phone number and telling me that she will meet me anytime after one when I arrive in New York on Saturday.

Last night, I threw Adele in bed early and though she was awake, I made up my mind to visit Miriam and see the new baby. First I went to the Wymans to pick up the four boxes of candy Rae ordered for me and that I am supposed to take along with me to distribute to those I visit in New York and from there on Al drove Ethel, Rae and me over to the Browns. Mom stayed upstairs with Adele until she fell asleep, so she was no trouble to anyone. Rae and Ethel had not intended going unless Ai drove, as it was freezing out. We got to the Browns house at 9:30 and Sylvia was there, beside the regular Brown family. Miriam doesn't look well at all and it is only a wonder when you consider her strenuous routine. She has to feed the baby every three hours, cause the baby is terribly hungry all the time. Anita Rae is an enormous baby, and has nice features. She is the image of Mickey and I can't help wonder at the way most first babies look like their daddies. I had asked Tant what I should give her as a gift and she advised cash, so I gave her $5. I also gave her a box of candy. Do you know, sweet, that Mickey made out a Class E allotment for Miriam and she receives $30 additional dollars each month! Every single one of the girls gets anywhere from $30 to $40 per month additional allotment that I know of, and the husbands are no more than Cpls. I realize fully that you have more opportunity than they do in their present state to spend money, but when you admit that you are broke and in the hole, as you did not so long ago, I really can't help wondering why so much of your salary disappears so quickly. Now that you no longer have the opportunity to take extended trips such as those to see Ed and Harry. I trust that you will be able to manage on your salary.

After seeing Anita and all her gifts we went down to the kitchen and had some coffee and cake and got to talking about old times, etc. Al drove Sylvia and me home and I didn't get to bed until about one o'clock. Adele seemed hoarsy during the night and I was afraid she had a cold. Today, however, she was much improved and I rubbed her down with Vicks before putting her to bed this evening. I almost didn't get to go to New York and unless Adele is all well I may not go. It doesn't seem likely though, for she has good resistance.

0ur gas bill for the previous month of Dec. was $43. Mom can't get over it! It's only a wonder - we run our heat as high as 80 to keep the back room warm enough for Diana. We’ve never had such a large bill!

I’m so disgusted with the mall situation that I could scream! Let's hope I'll get something tomorrow, for I'd hate to go to New York without getting any more mail whatever. Good night baby. I love you dearly in spite of all! I wish very much that you were going with me to N.Y.

Your Eve

11 Jan. 1945

Dearest Evvie, 

I just finished work for the day, and decided to make today’s contribution a quick V-mail so that I may catch the second performance of the U.S.O. show on the base tonight.

Was busy all day making up the pay-roll, and in the afternoon received your V-mall of 30 Dec, in which you tell of the punkin's rapidly expanding vocabulary. I particularly liked her answer when you asked her to repeat something she had already said. The little minx has a head on her shoulders - no doubt about it!

Glad to learn that you, at least, are keeping up with your correspondence, 'cause I’m way behind in mine. Currently, I owe letters to almost everyone. On the other hand, I have yet to hear from brother Jack, whom I wrote ’way back in October. At any rate, I've definitely decided to write to everyone in a day or two when I am taking my regular 48-hour "break.”

The weather has been very cold these past few days, and it has been snowing every few hours. The landscape is blanketed in just enough snow to cover everything, which isn't exactly an unwelcome change - one gets so tired with the sameness of the scene that any change is by way of being a novelty. 

Otherwise, there is very little to report, sweetheart, so I’ll sign off now with my dearest love to my precious wife and daughter. God keep you both well for your adoring 


P.S. Love to all.

11 Jan. 1945

Dearest Darling

Tonight I am C.Q., but while I have plenty of time to write, two factors keep me from knocking out a letter to you - hence the V-mail. (1) I've had a splitting headache all day today. (2) There was no mail. As you know, Sweet, it's very rarely that I am bothered with a headache, and I don’t rightly know the reason for it, unless it is the forerunner of a cold, but it sure did give me hell all day, and it’s still so distracting that I can barely think rationally. I’ve taken a coupla Anacin tablets, and am hoping that by tomorrow it will be gone with any further ill effects.

I was busy all day working with Capt. Crane on personnel records, but it was a real effort to keep my mind on what I was doing.

I've built a nice, hot fire in the stove, and as soon as I finish this I will call the operator to give me a ring at five o'clock, and hit the sack.

Sorry, Baby, that I can't make better use of this opportunity to write, but I know you will understand that I can't help myself, that I would do better if I could. Please forgive 

Your adoring

 P.S. Love to Adele - and all.

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