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Post #566 - January 31, 1945 Oh, Darling, to Think that MAYBE ’45 will be THE Year!


Jan. 31, 1945 

Dearest Hubby,

Tonight, upon arriving home, I found three geeorgeous letters waiting for me and they made me feel very, very mellow. They were your letters of 15,16 Jan. and v-mail of 19/Jan. I was very much surprised when you told me that Mike and Frances were expecting again. I called her just before starting this to see if she had anything to say about it, but she said nary a word. Mike left for Panama a week ago and she is still awaiting some word from him. I feel terribly sorry for her if she is pregnant for she is all alone at the apartment and has no where to go. In fact, I think the whole thing is so completely ridiculous that I'd rather not discuss it. As you know, I have some pretty definite ideas on the subject of having babies and they haven't changed any. As for my kidding about having another - it's just that - kidding - until such time as we get together and can talk sensibly about it. Even at that, I do not wish to as much as think about actually having one for many years and by that I mean at least two to three years. How did I get to talking about it anyway?

Eddie was supposed to make up your package today, but he couldn't get some of the things I wanted to put in and it will have to wait another day. I have everything readied and it is only a matter of getting a few more items and actual packing it.

Thanks, sweet, for straightening me out on the matter of your weight. No, I don't believe you are heavier and I'll be glad when you are home and can go to Young's or the Broadwood to keep in good form. As for my weight, I think I've gained though I do not wish to weigh myself. The last two dresses I bought were size 13, which is larger than I have ever worn. My blue and dubonnet wool simply burst on me and that is a size 11. No, dear, I haven't gained to any great extent but I feel and look better both in face and figure. You, more than anyone, would be the best judge of that, so until such time as you can judge for yourself you'll have to take my word for it.

By the way, who's going to be with Adele those nights "we'll" go to gym together - or hadn't you given that a second thought?

I'm sorry I forgot to inform you that Etta and Nat did receive your letter and got quite a big kick out of it. They told me all about it the night I went to the Browns’ house to see Syd. Everyone has been kidding about them, you know, cause since the nurse left, Etta has been so terribly busy that she sometimes does not find the time to get dressed. Nat said she was slowly, but surely, getting used to the idea and in due time should be able to manage somehow,

You've really got me thinking about the present you have for me. I'm most anxious to see it, sweet, and I can't imagine what it is, unless, maybe, it is a pin. That would be coincidental since I just returned the pin I bought in New York. I've decided that I would rather not spend that kind of money on a pin that doesn't look the value and get a colorful necklace for the lemon colored dress instead. I'd also like to have one bracelet and a colorful pair of earrings to set it off, if and when I get around to it.

You haven't mentioned writing to S & D or the girls to thank them for the package and I'm a little disappointed in you for not doing so. Clara specifically asked me to make sure you sent them some sort of thanks and you haven't mentioned it to date. I hope you'll make it your business to do so immediately for they certainly have been nice to you.

Both Goldie and I received invitations to attend the shower to be held at Betty's house on Feb. 6th for Abe's girl, whose name is also Evelyn. Abe met her the day he came home from overseas and they are going to be married within the next few weeks. Her second name is Feldman, so she won't have to change it at all. Speaking of Goldie reminds me to tell you that Harry hasn't given up the station as yet nor, as far as I can see, has he any intention of doing so. If that is the case he must be making a living to want to stick to it for if he weren't he certainly would drop it like a hot potato. Goldie received a check for $100, the retirement money due her by the government and she claims there is still another hundred due her. She and Harry are staying in town for dinner this evening and intend to do some shopping for some necessities.

I eat all by my lonesome each evening, darling, cause I can't wait till Harry gets home to eat with the family. He usually gets home about 7:30 or later and by that time I am getting Adele readied for bed. Tonight I had your letters for company and they helped a lot. Did I tell you that I miss you so much that I - I did?? well, whaddya know.

Dot called me during the course of this letter to read me your letter and to tell me just how much good it did her morale. Thanks for sending me your love through her, too, baby, and I hereby return it with interest, if such is possible. I calí Fay daily to let her know that I am thinking of her and she appreciates it greatly. I wish I could get over there more often, but it is out of the question and much too injurous to my well being. She was left alone for the first time yesterday and said, "I don't like it, Ev, cause I feel it too strongly then". Poor kid! There's lots I'd like to tell you about her and her mother, (whom I'm not too fond of) but I get to feeling very low and would rather drop the subject right this second.

As soon as I got home from work yesterday I got into my nightie and robe, to be sure I'd get to bed early. Imagine my surprise when the door bell rang about 9 and in walked Anne, to pay me a visit. She wanted to go to the movies, but I had no intentions of getting dressed again, even though I knew I'd get little sleep. I never did get to bed till one and I was fairly tired at work by late afternoon. I've been terribly busy every day this week at work and I've got a whole stack lined up for tomorrow. Mr. B asked me to please try to get in a little early and I'll make every effort to do so. He's very pleased with my work (Anne told me that he commented about it to her this morning before I came in). I've taken over many jobs I never did before, such as applying for priorities, taking care of claims on shortages, damages, etc. and many other little jobs. Besides all this I write most of his correspondence myself, so that he'll be free to attend to more pressing matters.

The news of the Russian drive for Berlin excites me just a little bit for the first time in months. I'm afraid to let myself think about it - oh, darling, to think that maybe ’45 will be the year!

I can't imagine what makes you feel so queerly about Lee. I'm usually the one to feel that way, and I don't feel that way about Lee. Lennie and she made the tedious trip from Tenn. to New York (I thought it very ridiculous) and she held up well. No, she isn't a very healthy person, but I hope she'll bear her child naturally and be healthier for it.

I'm wearing the "yocket" today and Adele keeps saying, "Mommy you're wearing my yocket". I took her upstairs to the bathroom a short while ago to make sissy and started to undress her for bed. She said to me, "Mommy, I'm a dood dirl. Let me go downstairs and run around and play." I promised her she could if she let me put her sleepers on first. She looks awfully cute with her sleepers of light blue and her slippers of royal blue. She has all her toys sprawled across the living room floor and is quite busy making a general mess. Every once in a while she repeats something she hears over the radio. She looks and speaks like a regular grownup at times. When she sees any letter, she says, "Mail for you, mommy, from daddy" or something equally cute. What a kid!

I intend to write a few letters before the evening is out, darling, so I know you'll forgive me if I cut short suddenly????? Anyway I think I'm just about writ out and you must admit I've really outdone myself this evening.

daddy dear mommy is letting me send you my love myself (she just remarked to Mom that she is writing to daddy). My arm is almost broke from holding her and making her type. Good night, sweetness, I adore you to bits and then some.

Your Eve

P. S. Clara, just called and told me about your letter that was received by the girls at S & D. I'm sorry about bawling you out and am glad you did write. More tomorrow.

January 31st, 1945

P.F.C. Harry Weinman
18th CML. MAIT. co France
A-P-O 667

Dear Phil,

Hya doin. Although I already wrote you once from this address I still didn’t hear from you since I last saw you. I hope everything is O.K. with you. Everything here is O.K. In case you didn’t receive my letter I will tell you once more that I am now with a regular outfit. We are somewhere’s about 250 miles southeast of Paris. We are in the center of the town. We live in a chateau. The men & officers here are O.K. We also have the best of food. There has been quite a bit of snow lately. The weather here gets below zero sometimes. That’s about the news here. I received a few letters from home & one from Bea & Ruthie since I left England, which was a few days after you have seen me. That’s about all there is to write about now. Take it easy. Write.

Your cousin—Harry

P.S.—Could you please send me one coin of each in English money. Thanks.

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