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Post #581 - February 15, 1945 Lo and Behold, Syd Received a Five Day Pass to Go Right Back Home Again


Feb. 15, 1945

Dearest Phil,

Am starting to bang this out at the office just before going home. I haven't reminded you for some time that I still keep our "date" each day at 5 o'clock. At that time, honey, I take you into my arms and just love you up. I think how nice it would be if I could snuggle up close to you under the covers. I miss you so much, dearest!

I felt "extra special" lousy today. I was supposed to become unwell on Saturday and it just put in an appearance today. Each minute seemed like a year and I'm grateful that it is just about 6 o'clock. We are very busy these days and I never seem to be able to get enough done, so I've been coming in a little earlier each day.

I wrote to Seymour last night and then went over to Fay's. She was baking a cake. I watched her and knitted on Paul's vest. I left her place at 12, took a shower and went to bed.

Syd went back to camp yesterday (his 30 days were up) and lo and behold, he received a five day pass to go right back home again. Maybe he'll be lucky enough to remain in the States for some time. Need I say how happy the Browns Are!

Eddie went into town yesterday to attend to some business at the Customs House and shopped around for clothes the while. Being an ex-serviceman, many of the stores allow from 10 to 25% off. One fellow is willing to give him three stunning suits that retail for about $43 each for $100. My dad is going down with him on Saturday to have a look at them to determine whether or not it is worth the money. I'm letting Ed wear your tan coat temporarily (he doesn't wear his uniform all day cause he would need a press job daily) till he gets his own clothes, which should be sometime within the next week. I was looking at your tan felt hat with the green band the other day and it looks just as nice as it did when we bought it. Gosh but I'd like to see you in both coat and hat!

I ripped the stockings I bought the other day. It was through no fault of mine - It's just faulty stockings, Imagine, you pay $1 for a pair of stockings, wear them once and bingo! I never had that kind of trouble before, but I guess there's always a first time.

You could smell Spring in the air today and most of the snow of Tuesday has disappeared. I certainly hope it was our last snow for the season. The days are getting longer too, in fact it's still light when we get home between six-thirty and seven. Adele saw Goldie writing a letter the other night and told her to tell her daddy that "I a dood dirl". I love you, sweet, and as Adele would say, “I yove you".

Your Eve

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