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Post #583 - February 17, 1945 Today We Had Another Heavy Snowstorm


Feb. 17, 1945

Dearest Darling,

No mall again today and I'm at a loss for words. Need I add how disgusted I am with the mail situation? There was your Dec. bond, so at least the matter of the bonds is cleared and you may inform them of such when they notify you.

I had decided to skip writing today, but if you will put up with these constant v-mails, I'm willing to write them. Besides, I believe they are reaching you much better than ordinary mail. Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to write more v-mail too, though I dislike it, but some mail is better then no mall.

Did I say Spring is here? Don't quote me on that - for today we had another heavy snowstorm, Snow, Snow, Snow! I worked overtime with my dad to help clean up some of the work. Adele napped this afternoon and instead of doing some work at home I felt it would be just as well to get things done at work, thereby making the coming week easier - I hope.

My dad got two more large chocolate bars for the package I am readying now and another pack of cigarettes. I'm going to try to get over to 11th St. tonight and finish buying those few things I need to complete the package, but don't be angry if I can't make it. All my plans go astray anyhow, so I’ll do my very best.

I knitted on Paul’s vest until almost 12 last night and after what seems an eternity I've finally arrived at the armhole of the back (the sweater is so long, but that's the way Ethel wants it - and it's a beauty). Paul is still wearing that little blue vest I made for him some four years ago and she expects him to wear this one just as long.

I haven't anything planned for this evening. Most likely I'll knit some more because I want to get finished, I have to make Adele something for the Spring cause she's almost bare when it comes to sweaters (yep - with all my knitting). I have to wash the sweaters daily and that's very hard on them. Hereafter, however, I shall make her dark colors, so It won't be necessary to wash them daily and then they'll hold up longer.

Tomorrow marks the year and a half mark that you are in England and the six year mark that was your Dad's passing. (Can't think of much else to say). Ed and Jack love to fool around with Adele and they have grand times together. She loves when they dance with her and I wish you could see her imitate them "jittabug". Some day -

Last night the entire Feldman [sic. clan] came over expressly for the purpose of seeing their darling Adele. It's wonderful the way the friendship continues. I adore you, baby mine, and I wish very much that I could take you into my arms and kiss you and tell you as much.

Your Eve

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