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Post #584 - February 18, 1945 The Whole Brownie Outfit Put in an Appearance Today, including Miriam with Anita Rae, and Sylvia

Feb. 18, 1945 

Dearest Mine,

It is almost 11 and I thought I'd knock this off just before hitting the hay. I had a very full day and am anxious to get to bed. I did a bit of shopping this morning and bought a roll of some cheese (It is very close to rocquefort), butter thins (I thought they would hold up better than any other type of cracker) and about a dozen peanut chew bars. My mother has a nice hard salami which I intend to include in the package. I'll bring home a carton from work tomorrow and Ed will pack it and mail it off the following day.

Since Syd got the additional five day pass and had been able to keep his appointment to have dinner with us, the whole Brownie outfit put in an appearance today, including Miriam with Anita Rae, and Sylvia. Adele was very friendly with everyone (she loves soldiers, honey, so it looks like you're going to make a big hit with her) especially Syd. She looked cute in her dubonnet jodphurs, yellow jersey, dubonnet suspenders and her little locket. We had a delicious dinner and the Browns left about 8:30. Adele gave her permission for Anita Rae to sleep in her crib and she even went so far as to tuck the blankets covering Anita in more securely. Anita is quite a big baby and very cute.

I wrote a letter to Rose Brand this afternoon and told her that I am returning the dress and socks she gifted Adele with when I was in New York. I meant to return them some time ago, but just couldn't find the time. I've been uncommonly busy these past few weeks.

I knitted most all of last night and tonight and finished the back of Paul's vest. Tonight I managed to get around to starting the front and completed one inch of the border. I expect to finish the rest before the week is out, but I'll have to work on it daily to do that.

The news continues good, but it sets so "draggy" at times that one can't help but wonder when and if this war will ever end. (can't help chafing at the bit now and then). I'm so very anxious to see you, baby, with my very own eyes. I wonder, time and again, how our first meeting will come about, how we'll react and what we’ll say. I keep wondering if there will be any great change noticeable in either of us, for, after all, it isn't months, but years that we shall have been apart. When I say "changed" I don't mean our feelings but our thoughts and actions. I wonder about this and wonder about that and just wind up "wondering". I remember how queer you first felt when you came home after a few weeks in the service and felt embarrassed (?) about undressing in my presence. I think I shall be the embarrassed one this time. What about you? (What a question!). (Well, I had to fill this up somehow!) But before I fall asleep on you (what a prospect!) I'll say goodnight, baby, I love you dearly and wait, most impatiently, for the day when I will be

Your Eve  

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