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Post #585 - February 19, 20, 1945 The Time Between Us has Taught Me to Love You More Dearly than Ever Before and a Letter from Jack Nerenberg


From Dot and Snuff Cohen:
The signature says: I can’t help but rub the age in!

Feb. 19, 1945

My dearest hubby,

It is a bit after six and I am waiting for the others to get ready to leave (that's the first time that's happened in a few weeks) and I thought I'd take advantage of the break to get this started. Immediately after writing my letter last night I hit the hay and got a good night's rest.

I arose early today and got off to a good start. I had Adele over at my mother's by 10:15 and started for work.

I am home now (fast, wasn't it) and Adele is sleeping, I finished eating and washing and am getting this off so that I may relax. Two of your letters came today - those of 5/Feb. and 7/Feb. What happened to those written between 26/Jan and 5/Feb.? I guess they are delayed in the mail. Your letters were both short and sweet, but it was better getting them than nothing at all.

You needn't worry that I'd think you were pitying yourself when you feel lonesome. I feel that way often and I don't mind admitting it. Mom keeps reminding me how lucky I am and I keep reminding her that I know I'm lucky, but I can't help feeling lonesome anyway. After all, we're only human - or are we.

Adele didn't nap this afternoon, so I got her right to bed when I got home. I make her say her prayers every night, to wit: Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take - God Bless Mommy, God Bless Daddy, etc. When she says something and is very much pleased with herself, she laughs a cute laugh to show she is pleased. When she wants to be real cute, she says, "Mommy, ah a yiddle baked bean - or Mommy ah a yiddle meat ball". Those two were taught to her by Ruth. And by the way, I shall make every effort to see that I get her down to the photographer’s some time this week. I have so little time that I don't want to make any definite promises.

I also received a letter from Milt Brown, dated, of all things, 10/Feb. That my dear, is the mail for you! It was his usual letter, nothing exciting. He is in a quiet place for a change.

I've just decided to hold this until tomorrow, in the hope that I'll have more mail from you and can make this a real longie. Hope you won't mind, honey, for I do want to do a few other things before hitting the hay and I don't want to cut this short.

I must, before I sign off, tell you sweetness that the time between us has taught me to love you more dearly than ever before. With time to think and miss, one realizes how precious were those little things we too often take for granted. I adore you, darling Phil, and want very much to hold you close to me. Soon -

Feb. 20, 1945 

There was no mail whatever today and I'm in anything but a good mood today. I feel like screaming my head off to get some of the weight out of my chest. What the h--- is the matter with the mail??? I just can't understand it. The Bellets have had mail until Feb, 10 and received all their back mail sometime ago, but here I am - sans mail.

So rather than talk on (I'm much too disgusted to do that) I'll simply say good night - better luck tomorrow. Maybe I'll be lucky to be favored with some mail that is due me.

Eddie wrapped your package, but it was a bit too heavy and consequently he had to take it apart and start all over again. I wrote to Dot and Snuff last night and little by little I'm catching up on my correspondence.

Someone told my brother Jack that Seymour's ship, the U.S.S. New York is at Iwo Jimo. I wonder -

Good night, baby, I love you dearly.

Your Eve

Jan. or Feb. 19, 1945

Dear Evelyn,

I don’t see why Phil should pick a blonde; not that they’re not nice, mind you, but just because that’s not his preference, as  you know.

Kid, I know this is going to be a short one, so don’t expect much of a letter.

Marjorie and I are hitting it off beautifully, but I sure wish the time was here after she goes home in April. We plan on getting married then, or early May. I hope her people will accept me as she has.

She was thrilled beyond measure to have received the engagement ring and I feel the same way every time I see it on her finger. She has lovely hands, as do you toots.

I hope all continues to go well with you. As for me and my ears we’re not doing each other much good. But we hope to get on better terms in a month or so. That’s what the doctors say.

Thanks for forwarding Gloria’s letter. That was nice of her to trouble so, don’t  you think. Marge saw it and says she needs more schooling for a N.Y. job. I don’t much care. I’ll make enough money for both of us.

Well, so long for now and loads of love to you all.

As ever,

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