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Post #586 - February 21, 1945 V-Mail is Coming Through Much Better Than Air-Mail


Feb. 21, 1945

Dearest Phil,

Yipee, Hooray or sumpin’! I finally got another very nice v-mail dated 11 Feb. and it shows to go you that v-mail is coming through much better than air-mail. I make a motion that you try v-mail more often, though I would like to have a nice long air-mail once in a while. So you’re due for a furlough! Well, now if only you could come home! Soon, maybe not tomorrow, but soon -

It is after 11 and I had been knitting on Paul’s vest most of the evening. In fact, I’ve been knitting on it every single night this week and have been sitting up late to do it. I am just about finished with the entire thing - just one more good night's work will do the trick. It’s a good looking sweater and will give him long service. I'm sure Ethel will be crazy about it.

Today we are having a nice heavy rain (instead of snow) for a change. Boy this has been a mean winter! I’ve definitely decided to take Adele down tomorrow morning to have her picture made at Lorstan, but the weatherman may change my mind for me again. As it stands, Ed, Adele and I are going down tomorrow morning and Ed will bring Adele back while I continue on to work.

Remember the drummer who used to play with the orchestra up in Oak Lane? I believe his name was Blake. Well, I thought you might want to know that he died of a bad heart. I heard about it a long time ago, but simply forgot to mention it. Incidentally, you once spoke about Sgt. Murphy and said you’d be talking about him in another connection - how’s about cookin’ with gas, baby?

And, by the way, what ever happened with that Coronet contest? I wish you’d let me know the outcome of some of your experiences, whether good or bad. I always mean to ask you certain questions when I set out to write, but nine times out of ten they pop out of my head before I get them down on paper.

I sure do wish you’ve mailed my “gee-gaw”, as you choose to call it, off by this late date. I’m most anxious to see what it is and I do think I’ve been patient, don't you? Now how’s about it?

I've made more mistakes typing this than I make all day at work. ’Scould be that I'm very sleepy and ’scould be that I am going right to bed. Which reminds me - I called Lil the other day and she reminded me to send a birthday card to Myra, which I did, but do you think she called to thank me - nothing doing. I am finished with both of them. If either calls, okay I’ll talk with them, but from here on they are both on my blacklist, so to speak. If they want to be so independent it's okay with me. And I don't want you to write and apologize for any or everything you may believe is wrong. I think it’s time to go now, dearest one, so I’ll tell you something different - yep - yes sir ee - old, but oh so new - I love you, baby - How’d you guess it?

Your Eve

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