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Post #607 - March 17, 1945 Goldie’s Folks Just “Popped” In to Surprise Her for Her Birthday Which is Tomorrow


March 17, 1945

Dearest Phil,

No mail from you today, but there were two letters from Seymour & Milt. Milt’s letter was his usual. Seymour’s letter was a surprise—he remembered our 4th Anniversary & my birthday and enclosed a money-order for $10.00, all of which I thought was pretty nice—don’t you.

I was just interrupted—another big surprise—Goldie’s folks just “popped” in to surprise her for her birthday which is tomorrow. I got her a slip as a gift which I will give her tomorrow.

I have a very dull headache & feel rotten. My period delayed again & I feel lousy because of it. The Silvers brought Go a walker for the baby & a bottle of champagne to celebrate. If you think I feel like celebrating, mister, you’ve got another think. Phil, I miss you so much & I love you dearly.

Your Eve

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