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Post #615 - March 26, 1945 I Phoned Dr. Gayl and Took Adele Right Down for Her First Scarlet Fever Shot and Somehow I Feel Guilty that I Should Be the Cause of Your Driving Yourself to Write Under Those Prohibitive Conditions



My dearest Phil,

I have so much to say this evening and so little time and space. Three "wonderful" things happened to me today - your package of Dorothy Gray toilet articles arrived along with your letters of March 16 and 19. Mom called me at work to tell me about the package and we were all sure it was the doll. I was as excited as could be till I got to it. It comes in a light pink and big box with an enormous fuschia colored ribbon on top. It contains a bottle of bath oil (I don't even know how or what it's used for) a large box of dusting powder with a real glass top and a bottle of cologne. It's really lovely and I wish very much that I could kiss you instead of thank you - I’d enjoy it that much more. I'm not going to use it, though, until you come home and can help me enjoy it. Your letter of the 16th was in answer to my v-mail, decrying the lack of mail. I'm so glad you didn't "fly" at me for being so disgusted and you know as well as I do that I don't mean to hurt you. I just couldn't help feeling so terribly let-down. I'm sure you yourself can see how differently I sound when I receive mail regularly. Your v-mail of the 19th told of your visit to the Marks’ and I shall look forward to your letter of the 19th, which, no doubt, tells more of your visit with Bert and Evelyn. Yep, you sure is stubborn about the gee-gaw, but I don't mind waiting for that in the least. As you must have guessed, your birthday gift arrived almost to the day. At least your timing is better than mine. I had a very full day at work. Adele woke me twice last night and I wasn't too rested. Immediately after work I phoned Dr. Gayl and took Adele right down for her first scarlet fever shot (I'll bet you thought I'd never get around to it) (I had run into Mrs. Gayl on Saturday and told her I was about to give Adele the injections). Adele and I took the bus to Broad and Allegheny where the doctor has his office at present and got there in no time. Adele behaved like a regular young lady (she was a bit leery about entering his office at first) and when the doctor walked into the waiting room, said, "You must be the doctor." Adele weighs 34 lbs. is 37-1/2 inches tall and has very big tonsils that will have to come out in the fall or next spring. I hope, baby, that you will be home by that time so that we can both take her to the hospital. It's quite an ordeal and I hate to go through it alone. If I have to, I'll have to—I attracted her attention and before she knew what had happened the injection was finished. He gave me chocolate aspirins and told me to give her bicarb with boiled water (after the third shot) as they tend to become feverish and want to vomit. I’ll be very happy when this business is all over. There are generally five shots, but they increase them to seven (giving smaller doses towards the end) depending on how the child reacts. I had the doctor weigh me and I weigh 116-1/2, which he said isn't too bad for me. When we were riding home on the bus Adele said, "Him's a bad boy, him put a needle in my arm." I put Adele to bed, washed her clothes, cleaned her shoes and even sewed her overalls. Now I'm just about finished with this and "finished" for the night. I'm sure you won't mind if I cut this short??? by saying "I love you, Phil, darling" and, as if you didn't know, I miss you so much! Imagine, I'll be 23 - gosh, I'm getting up there, too. Good night, angel, and thanks so much for your devotion and love. It makes life bright for

Your Eve

26 March 1945 

My Darling,

Three of your v-mails arrived this afternoon, but they were little more than notes, which said more eloquently than any words, that you were not so much concerned with telling me anything  as you were with getting a letter in the mail to me each day. It was easy for me to sense that you had little patience for writing on those days the, 15th, 17th, & 18th, even if you hadn't told me the reason, Sweetheart. It is to your very great credit then, honey, that you did write, and I want you to know that I'm grateful for what must have been a hard effort for you on my account. Somehow I feel guilty that I should be the cause of your driving yourself to write under those prohibitive conditions. Please, baby, spare yourself the next time, will you? I’ll understand.

Last night, I saw "Tree Grows in Brooklyn” and was very disappointed that the picture covers only a portion of the story in the book. I told you in yesterday's letter that I meant to start a letter to Mom when I came back from the show, but I was very tired and drowsy when I returned to the hut and hit the sack straightaway. I feel the same way tonight, although I can’t imagine why I should. Guess Mom's letter will have to wait a more favorable opportunity. Tell her I’m thinking of her, will you, baby? "

The weather has turned bad again, and I’ve been gadding about in the rain a good bit today. Seems like my spirits depend a good deal on whether the sun shines or not.

I’ll write a “real” letter tomorrow, Ev darling, and will enclose the proofs. My love for you grows and grows, my own, and sometimes I wonder where I’ll hold it all. Kiss my punkin for me. God bless you both. Love to all.

Your Phil

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