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Post #616 - March 27, 1945 Undoubtedly You, Too, Heard the So-Called Peace Rumors that Floated About Today



Dearest Darling:

It is 12 A.M. and I have just returned from Marie Presti’s shower. I really hadn't intended writing this evening at all, but since I'm not too sleepy I thought I’d try to keep up my daily missive. I am just 23, since it is now really March 28th. Funny, I don't feel any different. I looked pretty nice this evening, even if I have to say so myself. I am wearing my coral and black dress (one of my two newest ones) and black doeskin shoes, (all closed and cut in D'orsay style - they are Ruth's and she agreed to sell them to me this very evening) I have a black velvet ribbon in my hair and my hair is very long and full and piled high on top. I wish I felt as well as I look at the minute and I would if I had more rest.

Adele did have some effects from the scarlet fever injection because she threw up after dinner this evening. The spot where the needle was injected is inflamed, but it hasn't affected the use of her arm any. I bathed her and washed her hair before going to the shower. I bought Marie a white porcelain step-on garbage can, which I got at our place for $2. She liked the gift very much and seemed very pleased with it.

My dad took Adele's stroller apart today and Mr. Bellet is having the body of the stroller sent back to the factory for repairs. The carriage would be useless as it is and there was nothing else he could do, much as he tried to squirm out of it. He's really a bugger when he gets started, but he can't do much when I get started.

I finished knitting the back of Adele's fuschia and gray sweater and stopped at the yarn shop before going to work to get my instructions for the front and sleeves. The wool I'm using is very fine and it takes hours to do a few inches. However it will be a serviceable sweater and won't show the dirt as much as those she has now.

Undoubtedly you, too, heard the so-called peace rumors that floated about today. Oh, darling, just the thought that it will actually end and soon is enough to give one a zest for life! As I said to Anne, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if it did happen on my birthday". It would be wonderful any day and the sooner the better.

I must take my leave for now, sweetness, as I'm getting wearier by the minute and want very much to get to bed. How I wish I had your strong arms to hold me close and your sweet lips to caress and kiss me! Oh darling -

I adore you so much -

Your Eve

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