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Post #630 - April 15, 1945 Mom Spent the Weekend with the Bader's and I'm at My Wits' End About What to Do to Catch Up with My Correspondence


April 15, 1945

My darling,

My visit with the Browns yesterday turned out very nicely. Sylvia came over and before I left Yale, Shirley, Uncle Sam and Pauline came in. It was good to see them once more and we talked about many things. During the discussion I learned that Lena is pregnant (three months). She wants another girl, but Bob will kill her if it is. Yale gained a lot of weight. Among other things, Yale told me that Billy Cooper was shipped overseas on March 15th and is at the fighting front in Germany. Shirley Is carrying very nicely, but, in my opinion, doesn't look so well. I don't think Yale is as good-looking as he used to be. His face is too full and not as handsome as it once was. Bob is taking on jobs singing in night clubs, etc. and ought to make some headway as a singer, cause he is good. Uncle Nish made a wonderful job on Adele’s shoes, as is usually his custom, refused payment for his work. I feel funny about his doing it for me and hate to ask him, but in this case I felt I could rely on him better the the shoemakers around here. Yale and Shirley drove me to the 47 trolley (they were using Yale's car) and I was home at 4:45. Adele and I had dinner at my mother’s cause I didn't feel like fussing with food. Mom spent the weekend with the Bader's and came home just a short while ago. Mom asked me to ask you whether you remember a Mrs. Garfinkel, who used to live upstairs when you lived at 3rd and Cantrell. Mom saw her yesterday and recognized her, although they had not seen each other for 28 years. The Baders took Mom to a Jewish show and showed her a good time. After dinner, Adele had her daily bath and so to bed. I spent the balance of the evening taking a shower and ironing. By the time I had finished ironing I was so tired I didn't know what to do with myself. Since It was after 11 I went straight to bed. Today I became unwell, so now I know why I was so tired yesterday. Fay came over about 10:30 with Marcy and I was just about ready to take Adele out, so we walked together for a while and then went over to sit on her porch. An open porch is a blessing with a child in the house! When the kids tired of playing they came over and wanted to be hugged. We each took our respective kids and lay them in the crook of our arms and swung slightly back and forth on the glider, singing lullabyes the while. Fay was in a very dejected mood. I left at 12 to give Adele lunch and stopped at Betty’s before getting home. After Adele had lunch and was in bed I ironed two more pieces, had my lunch and then took a nap for 3/4 of an hour. When Adele awoke I gave her some milk and let her run around in the driveway. She had dinner at six, had her bath, and so on, bringing me up to date. I have a splitting headache and intend to go right to bed when I finish writing this. I listened to the radio until the burial of President Roosevelt was over and even stood at attention for one minute as they asked. By the way, Yale makes plexi-glass jewelry and promised when he next visits us that he will see if he can do anything with the bracelet. If not, perhaps he will be able to make up another. I told Adele that I'm taking her on the bus tomorrow to see Dr. Gayl. She didn’t get as excited as usual. Instead, she said quietly, “Mom he hurt me." I explained that he's trying to make her well, etc. to get her to understand. I love you so much, baby, and am wanting you so acutely at this moment that I could cry. Night, honey.

Your Eve

15 April 1945

Dearest Chippie,

Fresh out of Air-Mail envelopes, and because I didn't write last night, I thought I'd sorta compensate by typing this V-Mail. Didn't write last night because, after getting back from the movies, I suddenly got very tired and the sack looked too tempting to resist. It had been a very lovely but very busy day for me and I really needed the rest. The picture was one you saw a long time ago and liked very much - Summer Storm. I think they would do well to film more of Chekhov's stories, 'cause they lend themselves very well to screen adaptation. I've often wondered, too, why they never made movies of some of Balzac's works. Certainly some of his more “innocent” stories would make wonderful films. Tonight, after I finish this, I'm going to see a picture I've heard nothing about - “Murder, my Sweet", with Dick Powell, Claire Trevor, Anne Shirley, Otto Kreuger, and a guy I used to see wrestle in the Philly Arena - Mike Mazurki. Tell you about it tomorrow -.

Ran into Marty Weinstein in the Mess Hall this afternoon and he showed me a letter from his mother saying that she and Mr. Weinstein were going to visit you that evening (6 Apr). I don't remember you mentioning that the Weinsteins live near "us", honey, but I do remember that I mentioned Marty on at least one occasion (he shared the food package you sent). We have also played ping-pong together, and I think I mentioned him in that connection, too. He is a very nice kid, a great thinker (even though he thinks too much about the wrong things ), and a very interesting conversationalist. I've spent more than one evening talking to him. His folks might be interested in knowing that he is having far less trouble with his speech these days than when I first met him about a year ago. His tendency to nervous habits is lessening too, I think, although he hasn't quite conquered it. However, I noticed that he is much more at his ease when absorbed in conversation than he is at other times. On second thought, Ev, maybe you'd better not talk to his folks about his nervousness lest it distress them. However, if they bring up the subject, you can tell them what I've said. I really do think he is improving.

Your V-mail of 6 Apr, which arrive yesterday, said nothing about the Weinsteins, so I gather they either came after you had posted your letter, or they postponed the visit. There was no fresh mail today.

Still reading your last batch of letters, and I note that you, too, have been neglecting Jack N. I'm at my wits' end about what to do to catch up with my correspondence. Even Dottie, whom you must have told why I haven't been able to write, in her latest letter implies (with reason, of course) that I've been neglecting her. I can just imagine what both Jacks, Milt Brown, Clara Wagman, Goldie, Eddie and others who have written to me without reply must be thinking! Truthfully, Sweet, there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day for me. I'm busier than ever before in the Orderly Room, which makes writing during the day out of the question. In the evening, I simply have to have a few hours “away from myself" to keep my nerves within bounds. That is why I go to the movies so frequently. The remaining hour or two is set aside to get off my daily letter to you. If we were only on a 6-day work week basis, I'm sure I wouldn't be having this trouble with my correspondence, but every day is "Monday" around here. However, if the war in Europe should end within the next few days or weeks (as it looks very much like it will), there is a possibility that we will have a day off each week, Halevei Gottenu! Just room and time enough to wish you a very fond good-night, my darling. You know I love you - A kiss for my (all right - our) adorable punkin. Love to all.

Your Phil

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