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Post #655 - May 22, 1945 I Couldn't Help Saying It's a Fine State of Affairs When I Have to Ask Someone Else How My Hubby Looks


May 22, 1945

My dearest Phil,

It may seem strange, but I find it more difficult to write when there is no mail than I ever did before. Just because I'm looking forward to your letters, there are none.

Harry Weinman came in on a 24 hour pass and spent the evening at the house. Mickey came along with him. It was kind of late when I got to bed and just my luck - Adele awoke unusually early.

Ruth took Adele to her girlfriend's house and gave me ample time to eat my dinner, iron most of my clothes and prepare Adele's bath. Adele had napped during the afternoon and just wouldn't go to sleep. It was after ten before she even showed signs of falling asleep. I have a little saying when it is time for her to go to sleep. I tell her that she must go upstairs, get undressed and lay down in her crib, because the sandman is coming to put sleep in her eyes. She'll generally think of a dozen excuses for her not having to go to bed and sometimes she gets me very exasperated. When she sees me getting a little angry, she says, "I'd better sit down (or whatever the case may be) or my mommy will give me a yickin'". She says "yiddle" for"little" and though I've tried many times to correct her k's and l's she continues to use t's and y's. I hope you get to hear her talk the way she does now for she is so very cute that I almost hate to think of her changing.

I showed Harry the family picture I just sent to you and Adele pointed out everyone on the picture. When she came to herself, she said, "I yook stunning on that picture!" Harry told me you look well and I couldn't help saying it's a fine state of affairs when I have to ask someone else how my hubby looks. I sure would like to "see" for myself.'

Clara Wagman called on Sunday and asked me to forward her regards She spoke to Harold Adams and he also asked to be remembered to you. He had an operation recently.

I've had very little work to do these past two days at Bellet's and have been taking it as easy as possible. If I weren't able to type my last few letters at work I doubt if I could have found the time at home. The parlor set covers were returned yesterday and we each chipped in $1.50 to pay for them. I have to clean the set, buy camphor and put the covers on first chance I get. Considering how dirty the covers were they cleaned very nicely.

Mom may go to New York with Goldie, when Goldie is enroute to Poughkeepsie. She wants to spend some time in New York with the many relatives. We got to talking last night and said how funny it would be if you were to come home when they all left. I told them I'd like it fine if I could have you to myself for just a little while before the gang got hold of you.

We're certainly presumptious, aren't we? Only dreamin', honey. Got to have something to go on. Adele says "Daddy Philip is a dood boy". She's going to give you a hug and kiss when you come home. I'm almost positive she’ll know you. She's going to be a wee bit coy at first, but when she warms up she'll floor you. Sort of reminds me of the treatment you're going to get from

Your Eve

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