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Post # 656 - May 23, 1945 The Ouija Board Said That the War Would End in April, 1945 and That You Would Come Home in November, '45


May 23, 1945

Dearest Phil,

I was surprised, upon arriving home from work, to find your check for $55. It seems to me that it came through very promptly. On second thought It is almost three weeks since you sent it, so it isn't so prompt after all.

Gloria sent Mom a money order of $10 and a lovely Mother's Day card. There was no other mail.

Rae was over for dinner and we had a delicious meal, one that I did full justice to. Boy do I have an appetite these days! No matter how much I eat or how hard I try I can't seem to put on that much desired weight. We had schav, chopped herring, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, olives, blintzes, pudding and delicious fresh rye bread with butter. I forgot to mention the baked potatoes. I had a very generous helping of each item mentioned and left the table feeling very full indeed.

I accomplished a good deal before the evening was out. I ironed a few pieces, washed a bit, washed Adele's hair and my own and set both, bathed Adele and showered myself. I was kind of tired when I came down and decided to relax and read the newspaper and knit a while. After I had knitted about 3/4 of an hour I discovered I had made a terrible mistake and had to rip back. BOY was I mad! It seems no matter how hard I try I can't finish that sweater. I'm working on the second half of the front, just above the armhole. There's very little to do on it and once I've completed the sleeves I'll sigh a sigh of relief.

While in the shower, Dot called. I told Goldie to tell her I would call when I came out. So it was that I learned she had received your v-mail of May 12th. Considering that I had mail up to the 9th, that was darn good time! However, Mom called me early this morning to tell me that there are two air-mail letters waiting for me, and they must have been written on the 10th and 11th. Can't wait till I get home to read them! Dot was very pleased with the fact that you finally got around to writing to her. She sent your love, as requested by you (thanks so much, honey) and said you had a 50-50 chance of coming home. Dot also told me that she read in some newspaper that the Army was going to reduce its point system sometime in July - but I think that's just so much talk. I won't mind, though. Did I tell you that the ouija board was right? When I was out to Dot's sometime last winter we played with the ouija board and it said that the war would end in April, 1945 and that you would come home in November, '45. You'd be just in time for Adele's third birthday and nothing would suit me more. But I wouldn't mind if’n you kinda rushed it up a bit, cause I’m mighty anxious to see you, baby. I wanted to get this off today, so I’ll answer your letters tomorrow. I deposited the check along with the one from S&D that arrived a few days ago, and want to again thank you for sending it along. I Love You, Phil.

Your Eve

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