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Post #660 - May 28, 29, 1945 Dr. Gayl and I Discussed the Advisability of Taking Adele's Tonsils Out


May 28, 1948

Dearest Phil,

Did not have the opportunity to write yesterday. After I wrote to you on Saturday I met Ruth at Lerner's and tried several dresses on. 
There were  two that appealed to me and Ruth will try to get them for me with her discount. Harry Weinman came over for dinner and asked Ruth to go out with him. So it was that both Harrys, Ruth, Goldie and myself went to the Logan to see "Hotel Berlin", which was a "stinkeroo" and then to Scotty's for sundaes. It was kind of late when we got to bed and I could just about get up at 7:30, when Adele awoke. Adele and I had breakfast and went out to play on the porch. She played with her toys, while I tried to make some progress with her sweater. I finished sewing the front and back together and started on one sleeve. Mom didn't get up until 11:30 and since she had slept with me so that Harry could have her bed, it wasn't until that time that I got to straighten up our room. At 12 I prepared Adele's lunch, fed her, bathed her, washed her hair and put her to nap. I washed some clothes, ate lunch, cleaned the living room set with the hand sweeper and put the covers on (with Harry W's help).

May 29, 1945

Never did finish, but here I am again. Sunday night I took Adele up at 8 o'clock and lay down on the bed till she fell asleep. I slept that way until 1:30 - that's how tired I was. At 1:30 I came down, had some milk and cake and went right back to sleep. Monday I got into work early and went  straight to Dr. Gayl's with Adele after dinner. He gave her the Dick test and I have to go back this evening for the reading. Dr. Gayl and I discussed the advisability of taking Adele's tonsils out and he told me it would cost $50.00.  Since I do not have mail from you and it may be that you are on your way home, I do not believe that I will have them removed until the Fall.

All of which brings me right up to date. The weather continues cool and we’ve been having plenty of rain. 

On arriving home I found your letter of May 12th which I will comment on tomorrow. Adele weighed 36 1⁄2 lbs. Monday night & I weighed 117 1/2. I'll say my usual "I love you, sweet,” so I can get this into the mail.

Your Eve

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