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Post #664 - June 1, 1945 I Read in the Papers Where Food, and Especially Meat, is Getting Really Short Back There at Home


1 June 1945

Darling Wife, (you like that - huh, do y'?)

Just finished a long, 6 page letter to brother Jack. I've got only 2 of these pages left, which is just as well, I guess, cause I'm too tired to write much more. As a special concession to you, Sweet, I won't waste any space setting off paragraphs, so read slowly, O.K.? O.K! Last night - another enema! Was I mortified?! This time Tex insisted I lay on my left side while, well, you know. Well, I coaxed, pleaded, and downright refused to do it that way (it's so damned undignified)! The upshot was, I took the enema lying on a blanket, on my left side, on the latrine floor. I think I blushed. This morning I had that G.I. series as I described it in yesterday's letter, only I didn't mention that they also X-rayed my stomach directly afterward. If they don't know exactly what makes me tick the funny way I do now it certainly isn't their fault! They certainly took plenty of pains to find out! Just to make the job complete, I was sent over to the dental clinic and the eye, ear, nose and throat clinic for check ups. That's routine around here. Everything was O.K. in latter dept., but the dentist wants to X-ray one of my molars that he thinks may be going bad. He said "come ’round Monday at 1:30 P.M." I said "I don't know if I'll be here that long - (today's Friday). He said "you'll be here" - which was news to me. Lady, they really give you a going-over here, or have you gathered as much? After lunch, I listened to the Kraft Music Hall program and enjoyed it very much. Cass Daley was great singing "Together", but the number I really got a kick out of was Bing singing a duet with that peer of operatic tenors, Lauritz Melchior - the selection - "One Meat Ball". It was a riot - no less! I hope you heard it, Chippie. - Then I played pinochle with 3 of my ward-buddies for, well, until supper-time. Guess what we had for supper ~ one meat ball 
no kiddin'! and string beans, and cheese-potatoes (I love 'em), and catsup and b & b and chocolate pudding pie (yum-yum), and a big, big cup o' tea. Not bad, huh, civilian? I read in the papers where food, and especially meat, is getting really short back there at home. Is it affecting you, honey? If it is, write and tell me I'll send you - yeah, - one meat ball. ~ Don't know why I'm so silly tonight. Maybe it's because I can't put my real thoughts down on paper. Even if I could, it wouldn't look like much. Something like this: I want to go home I want to see Ev I want to hold Ev (all over) - I want to hold Ev very, very close and hug her and kiss her on the lips on the eyes on the throat - if I ever get my lips to hers I'll never let go - that's how I feel. I want to lay next to Evie in our nice, soft bed and - well - of course I would, but I can't say so in so many words, can I? Even if the letters aren't being censored any more! Then I think I would just love to hold the punkin close for hour after hour and wouldn't even want to let her go long enough to play with her. Only her I won't kiss so much. Why? "Silly - 'cause a biting dog can't kiss - get it? Oh, hell, I'm all melted butter inside to say nothing of being also one big hunk of "I wanta" - Gee, how I wanta! A kiss for each of you, my darlings. Love to all.

Your adoring Phil

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