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Post #670 - June 9, 1945 I Do So Hope That You Will Get Home Sometime During the Summer So That We Can Be Alone Together Before Fate Again Takes Over


June 9, 1945

Dearest Phil,

Am starting this at work and will continue on it at home. After this Saturday we will have only three more Saturdays to work. After July 4th 
we will work only five days a week. It will be a pleasure to have two whole days in which it will not be necessary to rush and watch the clock to be on time. There will also be a large cut in my pay, but it will be worth it to have some weekends to myself. We will start working on Saturdays again after Labor Day, so that only gives us nine weekends, to be exact.

I have to go to Lits and Gimbels to pay bills for my mother and then will go straight home. I'm not in a position to do any shopping this week as I will need the money for several things: I'm going to give Diana $5 for her first birthday, which will be June 14th, I owe Clara $7.20 for another bottle of 500 Combevita pills that I ordered and I owe Dot $7 for the two dresses I bought while out in West Philly.

The weather is beginning to warm up a bit, but at that, it's still very much like spring. In all probability we'll get a heat wave overnight. Did I tell you that both Mom and Goldie had vivid dreams that you came home? I’m sure they are right, because I feel it myself.

Back home again. Mom informs me that Ethel expects to take a bungalow in Browns Mills & she (Mom) will spend the summer there. If such is the case we will have the telephone temporarily disconnected & if perchance your should come home during the summer you will be able to call me at my mothers, the number (in case you had 
forgotten) is MIC 8207. In all probability that's how it will be. I will eat dinner at my mother's & Harry will eat out. I do so hope that you will get home sometime during the summer so that we can be alone together before fate again takes over. I love you so much, my darling, and here's a kiss from 

Your Eve

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