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Post #671 - June 10, 1945 l Understand the Points are Being Lowered and They Don't Seem to Be in Any Particular Hurry to Move Us Anyplace at the Moment


June 10, 1945

My dearest,

Goldie & Diana left early this morning & l can't tell you how much of a relief it is to me to see them leave. This, in itself, will be a vacation for me. Mom & I cleaned the house & Ed & my dad put the living room rug in the dining room & vice versa (at my 
request). The living room rug is worn threadbare in one spot & looked bad, hence the change. I like the change - it’s definitely much nicer this way. Ethel took the bungalow in Browns Mills & will be leaving in two weeks, & I think Mom will join her then or a week later.

We had the Browns (Tante, Unc, Syd, Bea, Miriam & little Anita) & H. Weinman for dinner & it was quite nice. Harry W. had to leave at 7 to catch his bus back to camp so Syd took him down to the station & Ruth, Miriam, Adele & I went along for the ride. It poured all day till late afternoon. Harry went to N.Y. with Goldie & Mr. Silver met them there and drove Goldie & Diana on to Poughkeepsie, while Harry returned to Philly. l understand the points are being lowered - think you might stand a chance now? I love you, baby - so much


10 June 1945

Dearest Darling,

This is the first free time I've had since I got back to Base 
to write to you. We had an administrative inspection yesterday, and it was necessary for me to work day and night in order to get my records ready for it. I won't apologize for not writing, since you have said that you're not interested in my apologies. I can only say then, darling, that I regret most sincerely that it was quite impossible for me to do so. From the moment I got back ’til yesterday afternoon I was really rushed to death. I could have used another pair of hands and a lot more time. Happily, I managed to get a good bit of work done on the “Forms 20", and the inspection went off very well. The first thing I did on my return, naturally, was to pick up my mail. However, I couldn't take time out to read it ’til late that night. There were about 15 of your letters, one from Dot, a big, fat one from Jackie N., and 3 midget Bulletins. What a haul! You can imagine how impatient I was to get at them while I worked. I was conscious of the bundle of mail in my back pocket every minute, making it almost impossible for me to concentrate on what I was doing. Your letters covered a period from 12 May to 30 May, with only a few dates missing. I want you to know, Sweet, that I'm grateful for the consistency with which you are sending the mail along. I only feel badly that I am unable to do as well. You realize, of course, baby, that it is next to impossible for me to answer all your letters individually (not that I wouldn't love to), but we'll have to be content with some general remarks dealing with the things I want most to talk about — Your typewritten letter of 12 May, enclosed those pictures of the punkin and Diana and the family. I'll try to tell you just how they impressed me. To begin with, I think Adele never looked prettier. I've tried hard to remember when or where I ever saw a sweeter-looking little girl, and recalled only one prettier and one who was just in the same class. The former was Shirley Temple, the latter, Barbara.

Truly, Sweet, she is adorable in every way, and a daughter we may both be inordinately and justifiably proud of. I couldn't resist the urge to show the pictures to my buddies, and, to a man, they were of the opinion that a lovelier little girl would be very hard to find. Most of them were frankly envious, and puzzled that she could be so pretty and still bear so striking a resemblance to me. How do like that? - They were kidding, of course!?? What I wouldn't give to - oh, well - what's the use - you must know how I crave to hold that precious bundle - our Adele - Just as deeply as you, Sweet, do I regret that I am being cheated out of knowing her in these years of her babyhood, but I guess we have to pay in some manner for such a blessing. I feel that no sacrifice I could make for the future security of my beloved girls could be too great. That thought 
saves me much in the way of heartache, believe me. Still - God knows it's plenty hard to take with equanimity! (I'll never get done at this rate!) To continue, I want to say that Diana Jean is a very well-formed kid, and shows great promise of being a darkly beautiful girl some day. I think she bears a striking resemblance to brother Jack as a baby, and, yes, I do believe she resembles my father, may he rest in Peace! The table and chairs set is very nice, and solidly constructed. I imagine it's a great help in keeping the Strongin girls from roaming about the house too much. Altogether, it is a wonderfully edifying picture, and one of my favorites. The family picture is only a shade "flat"; but a very good picture nevertheless. Reading from left to right - You, my adored Evie, look not one whit different from the girl I remember, which means that to see you is to want to hold you and kiss you. Although your hair is, unfortunately, photographed against the dark background of Glo's dress, it is still easily distinguishable, and I don't remember that it ever looked better. Your adored face set in that well-remembered and heart-warming smile is just the face that I love so much - what more could I say? I'm not overly fond of that "cape-sleeve" you asked me about, but it's not entirely unattractive either. In a word, I like very much, indeed, the way you looked in this picture. I have only one fault to find - somehow, I always feel cheated when your legs don't show in a picture. Remember that, will you, baby? The punkin seems to be engrossed in something off to a side, but she is very sweet-looking in this one, too. Mom, bless her, looks younger than ever, in spite of the increasing (but attractive) gray in her hair. I believe I see your handwork in that coiffure, Ev, and very nice it is, too! Goldie appears to have lost some weight and looks very well. Diana Jean looks tinier and younger than in the other picture. Mickey, who was always a very pretty gal, for my money, looks better than ever, and her hair-do is most becoming. She drew some very flattering comment from the boys, it may please her to know. Yes, I noticed right away that Harry had put on still more weight. [Just between you and me, honey, I hope he doesn't lose any of it - I'll look that much slimmer by comparison]. Ruthie is as pretty as you said a long time ago she would one day be. Gloria looks the same as ever, though I suspect the picture doesn't flatter her. Too, she seems to have put on some weight - right?

Well, honey, it seems I've used up this evening just discussing the pictures. There are so many of your questions that will have to remain unanswered for the time being, that I feel a little guilty that I can't continue. Then, there is much that I would like to tell you about our 2d Anniversary party that started yesterday afternoon and is still continuing. But that, of necessity, will have to wait another opportunity, possibly when I next see you, and it begins to look that it may be some months yet, as we don't seem to be particularly "hot" at present. We haven't been told a thing yet, but I'm almost sure we'll go home before we go to the other theater, if we ever do, which, just between us, I don't believe we'll do. However, as I've said, they don't seem to be in any particular hurry to move us anyplace at the moment. I'll keep you posted, baby. Tomorrow, I'll try to answer some of your letters. I'm sending along a program. Ask about it some day, and I'll tell you things you'll find it difficult to believe - no kidding!

Good-night for now, my sweet ~ The more I see of other girls, the more I admire and love you. I kiss you now, my dearest Evie. A kiss for Adele. Love to all. 

Your adoring 

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