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Post #685 - July 27, 1945 Surely, There Must be Plenty of Other Places that Would be Glad to Have You Under the Same Conditions


27 July 1945

Dearest Darling,

Today brought your V-mail of 19 Jul, which means that Air Mail (your letter of 20 Jul arrived yesterday) is moving faster than V-mail. There wasn't anything startling in this V-mail. It confirmed my supposition that Mom came in from Brown's Mills on that day. I'm glad she's 
enjoying herself and feeling good. Too bad, honey, that you couldn’t get away someplace for a vacation. Your Mr. Bellet must be a stinker of the first water to pull some of the stunts he does. I don't understand why you continue to work for him. Surely, there must be plenty of other places that would be glad to have you under the same conditions, and you might be treated decently in the bargain.

You say something about holding on to "Mike" until the fall. If you have any intention of submitting it, Chippie, I say do it now, because it is a timely theme, whose significance may be dissipated in a few more months, and you wouldn't have even a slim chance of selling it then. You haven't said anything about "ETOUSA Interlude". I would like to have the editors of Esquire take a look at it, even if nothing comes of it. Personally, I think more of it as a hunk of writing than I do about" "Mike", although I must confess I don't think a great deal about either one.

My activities both yesterday and today were purely routine, so I'm almost at a complete loss for something of interest to tell you. Besides, I've been troubled by a persistent and annoying headache all day, and am anxious to sleep it off. Please excuse the brevity of this, honey. My everlasting love to you, sweetheart; to my 
own sweet punkin, and to all my dear ones.

Your Phil

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