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Post #686 - July 29, 1945 We’re Generally Considered a “Dead" Outfit


29 July 1945

My Darling,

Your V-mail of 22 Jul arrived today together with a long letter from brother Jack. He sent along a snap-shot, which however, is so small that it is impossible to tell how he looks. He says, tho’, that he's putting on weight. He says, too, among other things, that he gets very little mail from the family (what should I say?), but that Gloria writes almost daily. About the only thing in your V-mail that calls forth any comment is the information that our offspring takes after her old man in that she just loves hot dogs and baked beans. Very interesting! I wonder in what other traits she is "my" daughter aside from physical characteristics—

My condolences to Ruth on her uneventful 16th birthday. Tell her we'll make it up to her on her next, if it's any way possible.

Nothing much doing at this end these days. We're losing men in bunches, our planes have been shipped, except for a handful, which we're using for training some pilots, and we’re generally considered a “dead" outfit. We are, incidentally, among the last of the Air Corps Fighter Groups to leave the ETO, which, strange as it may sound, suits me right down to the ground! Why? Well, last home - last to the Pacific, and if we can hold on here a few months I'll lay odds we'll never see the Pacific! Get it? The rumor now is that we'll be here 'til mid-October, which just goes to show you how much about anything anyone knows for sure around here.

Just got back from the movies, where I saw "A Medal for Benny”. This was taken from Steinbeck's novel (at least he wrote it), and both plot and locale were interesting and entertaining. The acting, tho’, is the most striking feature of the picture. J. Carrol Naish is superb as Benny's old father, Arturo 
de Cordova is very good-looking, and a charming and capable actor. I look for him to get some nice, juicy parts from here on in. Dottie Lamour is appealing as the love interest, and also contributes a proficient performance. On the whole - a good picture,

You've been hesitating lately about sending out any packages, Sweet. Well, honey, my homecoming is not so imminent that I wouldn't receive them, but I was thinking that you might hold onto what candy you accumulated (if it will keep for about 8 or 9 weeks), and we'll enjoy it at home - all of us.

Can't think of another solitary thing to write at the moment, Sweet - except, I love you more and more. By the time I do get home, I'm liable to 
go off like a firecracker at the mere sight of you, Baby, I miss you so—My best love to Adele. Love to all from

Your adoring Phil

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