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Post #702 - October 1, 1945 I Put In a Full Day Helping Put the New Orderly Room in Order

1 October 1945


Just got back from seeing a swell movie at the base theater. It was "The Fallen Sparrow” with John Garfield and Maureen O'Hara. I love a picture like that. It has action, suspense, drama, and generally, all the attributes that make for an exciting evening at the theatuh (now, what made me say that ???)! 

Otherwise, very little worth repeating happened today. I put in a full day helping put the new Orderly Room in order. Tomorrow we'll start to work—

This evening, I had intended to go into Colchester on the Liberty Run, but then I decided I'd rather see "The Fallen Sparrow - I'd heard some good reports about it. I can get into town almost any evening.

There was no fresh mail today, and I'm rather at a loss for stuff and things to tell you, Sweet, as you may have gathered from my feeble efforts thus far.

To make this letter (?) entirely worthless and dull, I might mention that we've been enjoying lovely fall weather this past week. ( I can just hear you snorting, - do you snort, Chippie? - "so what!!”)

Oh hell, it's no use—Forgive me, Sweet—

I've been trying for 
some minutes to dream up a new way of telling you the old, old story, but somehow the best way at the moment, it seems to me is to reassert what is the simple, unadorned, and indisputable truth—I love you, baby—Love to the punkin and all from 

Your Phil

You're quite wrong, Chippie. If I were drunk, I’d tell you.

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