Thursday, January 26, 2023

Post #704 - October 9, 1945 A Letter from Milt Brown


Oct. 9, 1945

Dear Evelyn:

Haven’t heard from you since I wrote you last, but the mail sure has been slow coming in. I’m feeling fine, & hope this letter finds you all the same. Having it rather easy for the present time, & all we are doing now is pulling Regimental Guard Duty and a few details around the camp. We moved from our outpost, and at the present time we are set up near the beach. I guess you heard about our Division going back to the States as a unit, & it sure is about time we got a break. We don’t know our sailing date, but I think we stand a pretty good chance of pulling out of here around the end of this month. The food we are getting sure is bad; you think we would be eating good now that the war is over. Well, that’s the Army for  you, & I’m hoping it won’t be too long before I can do as I please. Enclosed you will find a few pieces of Japanese Invasion Money that they used here in the Philippines, that  you may like to look at. We turned our rifles in, & I sure have been waiting for that day to come along. When you receive this letter, don’t write to me any more as they tell us we won’t be receiving that late mail. I’ll try my best, though, to write you before we leave. We are getting wool clothes issued to us, & I’ll bet we sure will freeze when we hit that cold climate in the States. That sure will suit me fine, though. Well, Evelyn, that about winds up the news for now. Give my regards to all.


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