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Post #296 - February 15, 1944 Adele Must Be Teething and A V-Mail From Sister-in-Law Gloria


February 15, 1944. 

Dearest Sweetheart, 

Five days since I had mail and I'm getting mighty anxious to hear from you. I did have a letter from Ed and know that you were unable to meet. Just a bad break. Better luck next time, though. I do wish you could get together at least once. We also received the enclosed letter from Anne Furr and I'm sending it along as it is very informative. 

Adele’s cold has settled in her chest, making her hoarse. I called Dr. Gayl and he said she must be teething as there is no fever. I was up most of the night with her as she had difficulty breathing. He advised me to rub her chest down with Vicks. I have to take her to his office Thursday morning. 

Last night the telephone rang. When I picked up the receiver and said hello, a fellow said “Hello Evelyn.” I hadn't the slightest idea who it was, even though he said “your cousin.” It turned out to be Yale. He and Shirley came in on a furlough last night and called here almost immediately after arriving. I was flattered. He said, “How's my kid?” 

Goldie finished off her working days to the tune of the following: a gorgeous light blue Swedish tailored robe with rose braiding along the edges and her initials GSS sewed on the lapel, blue bedroom slippers, $10 in cash for the newcomer and a rattle. A close friend gave her a lovely corsage of gardenias. Harry, took the day off. 

Adele is getting more consonants. She says tie clearly. Today, she said cheese. (She loves to eat pieces of American cheese.) She makes a good attempt at many words, too many to mention. Hal Cohen’s valentine to Adele read as follows: “Your as nice as angel cake, And you're as sweet as candy, And if you'd be my Valentine, then that would be just dandy.” I think its wording is perfect for Adele. 

I finished writing Len and Anne and I'm kind of worn, hence the poor handwriting. Think I'll sign off now, baby, not however, before I send all my love 

Your Eve 

February 15, 1944

Hello Corporal, 

Surprised you, huh? Well, I'll be surprised if the above is your latest address—my address book being littered with your various troop movements. 

It's rather difficult writing you, Phil, as I'm sure Ev covers the news on the Strongin home front very adequately. The last time I was in Philly—the family was swell— with Goldie and Ethel Wyman swelling (sorry, that slipped). Anyway, your little daughter is quite the young lady and getting cuter n’ cute—looks more like you all the time (are those 2 last observations contradictory?) 

Anyway, to get to the crux of the matter and to the point—your birthday is coming up? (How can I forget it—the date being as near that unforgettable 15th of March?)—These are strange times—so it's not too strange that I am requesting you to request something for your birthday as, of course, I can't send anything without said request. And while requesting, please requisition for something you would like or need—or both. 

You hear from Jack, I presume—he’s quite busy in the Supply Division—but I won't go into that. 

Please write soon. Let me now how you’re doing and REQUEST! 


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