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Post #426 - July 30, 1944 Adele is Progressing at a Rapid Speed with Speech and Actions and A Poem from Philip


July 30, 1944 

Dearest Sweetheart,

I'm not in much of a letter writing mood, but since I did not write since Friday, I'd better write now whether I want to or not. I'm very, very tired, feeling that way since yesterday.

To begin with, the girl was supposed to come in yesterday to clean and didn't show up. Mom and I had let everything go, thinking the girl would do all, so we both worked ourselves silly yesterday, trying to get this place orderly. I was so exhausted by evening that I was in bed at 9 P.M., which is extra special early for me anymore.

Today my mom washed and I hung some of the clothes. Besides that I had pressing and a few other little things to do.

Goldie still feels very weak and the Doc thinks she may have a bit of gall bladder trouble. At any rate she just can't seem to manage, so - o - o Harry got her a nurse for this coming week, starting today. The nurse is from the Father Divine Assoc. and her name is BABY LOVEWELL. She's a nice woman and is getting a nice salary, no less than $45 for six days, 12 hours per day, from 7 A.M. to 7 P. M. which leaves Goldie without a single blessed thing to do, as the nurse does every single thing, for both baby and mother. Goldie and Harry called her folks to advise them that she wasn't doing so good and they all came arunning today, which kept us all going in an effort to get things done. Besides all this, Adele isn't feeling too good, and I think those long-awaited teeth are about to make their appearance. She has a bad nose and eye cold (which accompanies each tooth cutting) and is generally cranky. In fact it is past 9:30 and I just this minute put her up to sleep, being occupied with her from 6:30 this morning til now, except for a two-hour break this afternoon. Honey, I am tired!

I'm happy though, to report that Adele is progressing at a rapid speed with speech and actions. For instance, we repeat little ditties to her, such as ''Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool, yes sir, yes sir, three bags full, etc. Well, sweet, our little girl says, "Baa, baa, black seep", followed by "yes, sir, yes sir, and then boy" (cause one of the bags of wool is for the little boy who lives in the lane. That means Adele can say seven words in succession, which ain't hay. She's a bit of alright!

Oh yes, dear, I did forget to mention that I received your letters of July 22, 23 and 24 on Sat. morning, and I'm right up to date on my mail from you. None of them required any comment, but I can say that the lack of mail, I'm sure, was due to the fact that I had been writing more air-mail of late.

I brought home fifty letters (of the form I sent you) to type at home, so that I could catch up on my list for this month. He asked me to take it home if I wanted to make the extra money and do it in my leisure??? time. I'm going to charge him with 3 hours of work for it.

I ordered an ensemble set from Goldie's folks. They get all those things wholesale and the set I ordered, which is on the order of Goldie’s cost $10 retail and only $4 wholesale. We had made up an order of nighties and an ensemble to give Gloria on her 24th birthday, Aug. 26th, and I decided that I would like to have one too. I haven't had the opportunity to get myself that dress I want, but I will, honey, I will! I’m literally asleep on the typewriter, so I'll write more tomorrow, when I hope to be wider awake (what screwy English!) I LOVE YOU, BABY. 

Your Eve

P. S. Lena was over Sat. and gave me enclosed snap. Adele calls her “Eena”—more tomorrow.—Evvie

30 July 1944

My Sweet,

My brain is numb
My pen is dumb
And I have nothing to say
Like an empty slate
I'm desolate
—No letter came today

The sunshine shone
I answered the phone
Even as yesterday
But my mind is blank
As an empty tank
—There was no letter today

But dry your tears
My pretty dears
At this unhappy delay
For sure as you’re born!
As the sun greets the morn
—A letter will come some day!

Until then—I am, as ever
Your loving Phil

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