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Post #504 - November 8, 9, 1944 No, Darling, I Don’t Think I’ll be Home for Adele’s Second Birthday and I Read the News of the New Bombs V1 and V2

8 November 1944 

My darling Chippie,

I told you so! - and what's more, I'm highly gratified at the way it all turned out. Believe me, I would have been a pretty sad customer this evening if it had been. otherwise.

It was a very windy day, today, and it was a struggle getting down to the mess-hall. (When I write about the weather it's only because i'm rather at a loss for any thing else to write about.) It was a purely routine day which, these days, is synonymous with saying a busy day.

Just finished playing about a dozen games of ping-pong with Stahle and Nicholson. Stahle is good enough to beat me once in a while, but Nicholson just didn't have any luck at all. That's about all I can tell you of myself today, Sweet. Your letter (V-mail) of 29 Oct. arrived today and I’ll see what I can find in it to talk about.

You start off by reminding me that it is just a month to the punkin's second birthday. I was well aware of it at the time, Chippie, though I saw no point in mentioning it at the time. Never fear, Sweet, her present from daddy is in the making. I'm not going to tell you what it. is (don't you just love surprises?), but I will be sending it along in a few days. No, darling, I don't think I’ll be home for Adele's second birthday. Please convey my regrets to her and tell her that daddy will certainly do his best to be with her before her next birthday rolls around.

You go on to say that you spent a wakeful night and lay a long time sleepless thinking of me and conjuring up “many sweet memories." I'm flattered, my sweet, and grateful, but I do wish you had gone a little more into detail,—y’know?

The rest of your letter describes the routine of your day, so there isn't anything more I can say, is there? Thanks. for the kiss at the end, Baby. You make it sound so real I can almost taste it. But, as you say, sweetheart, “there will come a day!” - (and what a day!!!).

And now, if you'll excuse me, t'll say good night for the nonce. Pucker up yourself, Ev, 'cause here comes 

Your Phil

November 9, 1944

Dearest Sweetheart,

No mail this morning and I was terribly disappointed, but it is possible that there was some this afternoon. Here's hopin'.

I didn't make out so well in the Gin Rummy game last night, but then my loss wasn't so bad either. Only 20¢. I don't have any luck with cards, but that remains to be seen. Two of the girls from our previous game were present and we broke up at 11:15.

I got into work at 11 again today and I'm pretty tired this evening. I'm typing this at the office, but I shall finish it at home.

Nov. 10, 1944 

I was so busy with “little things” last night that it was 11 o'clock before I knew it & I was too tired to try to write. l started to iron in the morning & finished in the evening.

On our way home George stopped at Lil's & I dropped off the belated birthday gifts. I also called Clara & ordered a bottle of 500 combevita pills - cost 7.20 or thereabouts. Lil called to thank us and I chatted with her a while. Goldie went up to the hospital to see Etta & Nat brought her home. He stopped in to invite us to a large shindig which will be held at Lena's tomorrow night. Etta wants a party, regardless of whether it was a boy or girl.

Home again, only to find there is still no mail. Since tomorrow is Armistice Day I shall have to wait till Monday for mail, and the prospect is anything but enticing.

Seymour called home last night to inform the folks that he "is sailing" and has an idea they may be headed for the Aleutians.

I'm remembering to enclose the powder sample this evening. Hope you like it. I'm very weary again this evening and so I shall say good night, shower, set my hair and hit the hay. I love you so much, my darling -

I read the news of the new bombs V1 and V2 and I can't help wondering how they effect you, if at all. I wish very much that the mail would start to come through regularly. And so baby, I say again, I am and always will be

Your Eve

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