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Post #537 - December 26, 1944 If Mom Could Lose Weight, You Can Too and A Letter from Gloria Strongin to Philip

Dec. 26, 1944

Dearest Phil,

Am going to type this in red, as the black ribbon is just about shot. I am beginning this at work and will complete it at home. I'm hoping to find some mail there, for it is now ten days since I had mail.

I waited up for my folks last night and got most of the details concerning Eddie's experiences. All I can say is: "Whew !" He had the following to say of you: "Looks good, but getting fat". That word "fat" annoyed me. What is your weight at the present time? I'm sure whatever it is it should be lots less and I hope, Sweet, that you are doing all in your power to lose weight. I know it is difficult under the circumstances, but where there is a will, there is a way. And anyway, if Mom could do it, you can too. Kindly advise -

I had some tea with the folks, knitted on Diana's sweater, listened to my folk’s stories and got to bed at 12. This morning Gimbels had a large sale and Ruth and I went down, but we didn't have enough time to really shop. We merely looked around and will have to let the actual buying go until a later date.

There are several small things I want to tell you about Adele, things she did yesterday. First of all, when I lit the Santa Claus candle for her, she said, "Mommy, Ah so ehcited!” Nice big word, eh? She was busy with her box of animal crackers and kept putting one in everyone's mouth. She put one in Tante Bosh's mouth and then fished out another to put in Sylvia's mouth. It so happened that the one she took out to give Sylvia happened to be a twin and it would not fit all the way into Syl's mouth. So she bit off the first piece and held the other in her hand. All the while Tante, Syl and I were busy talking. All of a sudden, Adele whisks the piece of cracker out of Sylvia's hand, says, "this is for Tante Bosh" and stuffs it into Tante's mouth before anyone knew what happened. We all started to laugh, for it was really funny to see, Sylvia had had a helluva time getting Adele to give her the cracker in the first place and so it struck her funny too.

Dec. 27, 1944

When I got home yesterday and found no mail for me, I was so disappointed that I lost all taste for writing. I am again typing this at the office and if there had been mail for me the folks would have called, as I instructed them to. I'm getting terribly disgusted with these infernally long delays. Your last letter was dated Dec. 5th and that's a long time ago. Besides the other girls have had mail up to Dec. 11th and that was a few days ago.

Lil sent me a very chummy Xmas card and I called to thank her for it. Dot, whom I also called, had very little to say. She promised to try to visit me after the first of the year.

Am now home and found a lovely Xmas card for Adele from Red. I certainly was surprised to see his title "Pvt." What happened to the "Cpl."? I shall have to write him a little letter, and I shall do so within the next few days. The postmark on the letter was Nov. 27th - exactly one month ago. I should like to send him something as a sort of "thank you" for all his kindnesses. So I would appreciate any suggestions you have to offer.

It is snowing again and my dad and I had to take the Frankford El and J bus to get home, as Mr. Bellet stayed in town, after seeing George off. First they put George in the Navy and then transferred him to the Army. Guess the Army is in dire need of good men.

Today was the day Jack N. had his operation and I'm most anxious to know how he is. If I don't hear from him shortly I shall contact Gloria and try to learn his exact whereabouts and perhaps I'll be able to call him.

George's wife is going to come in to our place and try her hand at selling. There are more god darn changes made at that place than I ever saw -

I hope this will be my last "running" letter for a while, for somehow I don't particularly like them. I certainly hope I'll be in receipt of some mail before the week is out. I'm way overdue -

Good night, darling, I adore you so much! That glorious feeling of love gives me much strength, baby

Your Eve

P. S. Just had to add a big hug – and a long, long kiss - mmmmm - that’s better!

December 26, 1944

Dear Brudder Phil -

My conscience has gotten the better of my laziness - & so here I am with a long due letter to Brudder Phil. I guess I’m getting to be the female counterpart of kid-brother Jack in correspondence. (I can just hear you say “What a lame excuse!”) Anyhow what prompted this V-mail is the desire to hear what’s happening to you & how you’re doing at your end of the world. So give out with the news pleaz -

As you might know by now - (Ev out-scoops me time & again [ahem]). Jackie Nerenberg is in N.Y. for an operation on his ear - which is scheduled for tomorrow. I’m so sure Ev has given you all details as well as Jack that I won’t elaborate on this news item. At any rate, I’ll let you know how he’s doing as I hear the news. I hope to see him at the hospital.

Haven’t been to Philly over a month - but hope to visit “you all” in the near future. Yes, Phil, I sure do enjoy seeing my Philly folks & Adele Bara is so practically a facsimile of her daddy it is visiting “you.” Well, I hope we will all be together soon - & that will be THE VISIT!

A Happy 1945 to us all, I hope.

Love from Gloria

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