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Post #620 - April 1, 1945 I’m Expecting Dot Any Minute

Apr. 1, 1945

Dearest Phil,

Today was a typical spring day and I stayed out all morning and most of the afternoon. I arose early, after a fair night of rest, cleaned my room, made breakfast for Adele and myself and headed for Fay’s house. I particularly like her place because of enclosed porch (thanks to her late husband). I can sit and watch Adele, which is something I can't do anywhere else. I parked myself in a comfortable metal chair, which rocks slightly and took a sun bath while Adele busied herself with the rocking horse and other toys on the porch. Fay and Ruth came out from time to time to talk with me and I watched their kids too. I stayed there until 11:30. Before reaching home for lunch we stopped at Betty’s house for a few minutes. I gave Adele her lunch at my mother's house and brought her over here for her nap. While she was upstairs (she wouldn’t sleep, she only rested) I took off the parlor set covers, cleaned the set with the hand sweeper and put camphor in it. I swept the rugs and the front of the house and had my lunch. By this time Adele was getting restless and I dressed her in her little red and green plaid skirt, gave her some milk and took her out again. Adele awoke with a slight cold this morning and had a little trouble getting one eye open. As the day wore on, she seemed better, so I kept her out all day. I hope all traces of it will be gone tomorrow, so that I’ll be able to take her down for her scarlet fever injection. I gave her a warm bath this evening and put Vicks in her nose before she went to sleep.

While I was out with Adele in the afternoon, Petey made three snaps: two of Adele alone and one of her and myself. I wasn’t dressed (am wearing a jumper and socks) but I don't think you’ll be able to tell. I was made up and my hair was combed nicely, so it shouldn’t be too bad. Adele didn’t look too well today and I’m hoping that won’t show up. Well, at least you’ll have some snaps to look forward to in the near future.

I’m expecting Dot any minute, for she promised she’d try to come up to visit me this evening and she’s keeping her promise. She wants to read your 22 page letter, so I’ll probably knit while she does, if I don’t help her reread it. No matter how many times I reread that letter, I still enjoy it.

I started a letter to Gloria yesterday and I’m going to finish it now. I didn’t write to her all month, which is unusual for me. I was just thinking what a nice pleasant evening this would be if you and Snuff were to be present too. Darling, I’m wishing and hoping and praying so hard that it will happen that I can’t wish any harder. Darling, I love you so much! Good night, baby mine, it’s a joy to be

Your Eve

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