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Post #623 - April 5, 1945 How I Wish You Could See Adele When She’s Especially Cute and It’s Entirely Possible That We Are Now Experiencing the Final Days of the War


April 5, 1945

Dearest Mine,

Am starting this at the office and will have to finish at home. Today marks the 20th month of our enforced separation and I recall that you said it would be at least a year and a half to two before you would rejoin me - I wonder just how close you guessed. Will it be two - or closer to three? I'm praying that you are right and that you will be with me before the second year is up.

The news today that Russia will not renew her pact with Japan is another spirit-lifter, although it had been more or less expected. V-E day is far off - but does it mean that I'll see you - that's the burning question. Of course I'm happy that V-E day isn't far off, and I know what it will mean to the world, but do you blame me for wanting to see you so desperately. Darling, I just love you to bits and as you said in a recent letter. "It grows and grows until I don't know where I'll hold it.

I haven't had any mail from you for three days and I shall be expecting a few letters when I finally do get something. That longie you wrote on the 20th and 24th is overdue. The air-mail letter we had from Eddie Strongin yesterday was dated the 24th.

Last night I got to bed early (10:15) and was asleep shortly after I hit the pillow. Adele went right to sleep after I bathed her and washed her hair, so I had a bit of the evening to myself - and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I even knitted on her sweater a little while, but the progress on said sweater is very, very slow. It’s fine wool and takes a lot of time before anything worthwhile to see is had.

It was actually cold today and the wind howled furiously. Adele kept imitating the wind. Baby, how I wish you could see Adele when she’s especially cute. I understand most kids become very fresh when they reach the age of four (It's one of their crazy stages again) and I sure do hope you'll have plenty of time with her before then. She's very fresh at times and she knows she can't get away with much when she starts with me. The other day I gave her a book to read. Before turning the pages, she wet her forefinger and thumb, so that it would be easier to turn them. When I asked her where she learned that, she replied. "Nanmom showed me." Her tense is atrocious at times, but she'll learn.

Diana stood up in her crib alone for the first time today, and almost all traces of her cold have disappeared. I see I’m short on space, so I’ll tell you once again that I adore you, sweet Phil, and will end off with a sound hug and kiss.

Your Eve

5 April 1945

Dearest Chippie,

There is precious little to write about tonight, due to the fact that there was no new mail, and my activities today were purely routine. Nevertheless, I will try to scrape together enough news to fill this V-mail—

Last night, I didn’t get to bed ’til after midnight. I was busy ’til then typing that thankless letter to you. All day today I felt depressed by the memory of the things I said, and kept asking myself if I meant it all. I think I can now honestly state that I did and do, but that doesn't detract from the fact that I regret most bitterly that you made it necessary for me to write as I did. I'm exceedingly apprehensive, too, that you may not take my words in the spirit in which they were meant, and the possibility worries me considerably. However, I would be little better than a coward if I refrained from stating my objections merely because of the fear of repercussions. If I had that the letter to write over again tonight it would be the same word for word and I’d still place my trust in your innate sense of justice and the love you bear me. I pray darling, that you will justify that trust.

The weather cleared today. It was good to see the sun once more, and the blue skies. I was busy all day writing and typing the Company History, and had to work ’til 6:30 to get it done.

It is becoming increasingly evident, Sweet, that the jerrys have just about “had it,” and it’s entirely possible that we are now experiencing the final days of the war. I am still entirely in the dark as to what will come after that, but you know that my prayers are for that long-awaited re-union with you, my dearest, and the punkin and the family. God bless you all and keep you well for

Your adoring Phil

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