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Post #624 - April 6, 1945 Today, Incidentally, is My Brother Jack’s 17th Birthday. If the War Doesn't End Soon, the Army will be After Him


April 6, 1945

Dearest Phil,

No mail for four days now and I'm beginning to wonder at the hold up. I'm fairly up to date on my mail, but when mail ceases after two to three days I begin to wonder, especially when one is writing daily.

I took the J bus and the Frankford el to work today. When I got off the J bus I stopped at a shoe store and bought myself a pair of low-heeled toeless and backless black leather shoes (I had seen them several weeks ago and had decided to buy them when the opportunity presented itself) that cost me $7. While there I also bought myself a pair of black and silver beaded clips for the shoes I bought from Ruth and they cost me $2. My new shoes are very plain, d'orsay cut fronts and you'd really be surprised at the low heel. I need one more pair of oxfords and I'll be sufficiently outfitted with shoes. Those copper-colored oxfords I bought last year are the most comfortable pair or shoes it has been my pleasure to possess and I have been giving them daily wear.

Last night, rather unexpectedly, Mom and I decided to go to the movies. I don't know whether you saw "Keys to the Kingdom" (I can't keep up with you on the movie situation) but if you didn't, it’s a "must". I enjoyed it thoroughly and I'm sure you would, too. Both Mom and I didn't decide to go until after nine and we had to rush a bit to make it. As it is we came in just as the picture started. Before leaving the house I washed a few of Adele’s things. When I finished I went into our room to get my bag and Adele, who evidentally overheard us talking, sat up in her crib and said, "Mommy, I want to go to the movies wid you—" And here I thought she was fast asleep and I could leave immediately. However, I told her she had to be a good girl and go to sleep and I would take her on the bus Monday night. She agreed and I left a few minutes later. She went right to sleep. That's the kind of report I like to give. It was four weeks since I had been to the movies and the relaxation did me good. I was in bed at 12:30 and up at 7:45, so I didn't lose much sleep.

Yesterday I received a long letter from Gloria and she said that Jack gained 20 lbs. since he is overseas. On him it should look good - but I hope you haven't gained an ounce. Today, incidentally, is my brother Jack’s 17th birthday. If the war doesn't end soon, the Army will be after him. Glo’s letter contained nothing else of importance to mention, but she may be in Philly within the next few weeks for a visit with us.

I gave notice at the bank to withdraw $53.82 for Adele's insurance. I intend to write to the Benis’ when my notice to pay arrives, as I haven't written to them for months. I'm hoping, sweet, that there will be some mail for me tomorrow. I love you, dearest, and you know darn well that I am

Your Eve

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